Chak De India

Every new individual brings with it a potential for host of investments, opportunities, and growth. The India is full of individuals, growing at rapid pace. The new and young population has to be first nourished, educated and then employed in growth oriented positive activities. The person growing in such positive environment is an asset; it may well turn out to be a liability if any of the links is missing in the chain. If billion plus people with young demographic profile start developing at international levels and speed, it can boost international economy from gloomy picture to a rosy one. Proper peripheral international connectivity, inviting laws for investment, proper monitoring and administration, crushing crimes in the bud, high end reputation, world level education and sports, abundant energy production, efficient politics and above all minimized corruption levels; can turn India into a world growth engine. We are coming up, but lot more is required at every level to build large growth centers in various parts of the country. One wrong note in the music spoils the harmony, one error in constituents spoils the recipe and any error in the appropriate developmental requirement may spoil the reputation. Whether Delhi projects itself as T3 terminal or post rainfall scene, will be entirely decided by our overall competence and performance.

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