Religious barriers

The provision of banning burqa should be seen in the overall context rather then whether it is a forced ban or not. Law and order and security of nation are top most priority for any country. Burqa conceals the person from public identification systems, including cameras and security persons. These are major hindrance in post crime investigations. While moving in public, face is natural integration in the public, simply by eyes and facial expressions. Burqa unnecessarily isolates the person in to a distinct individual arousing suspicions and curiosity. Burqa might have been appropriate at the time it was professed, but it appears a misfit in the current European scene of lingerie competitions. Religion is for uniting people and not for making them absolute diverse groups, not fit for any proximity. Faiths should not hinder cultural mix and integration of society, which are must for any social harmony. Had it been a movement for cultural change in Europe, it might have been thought as a good lesson not to unnecessarily expose bodies, but keeping the tradition alive simple as a mandatory requirement of faith, needs curtailment according to the overall needs of the nation. The religious heads in all countries should also learn lessons from such bans and should have an internal mechanism to change with the times.

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Women in veils denied bus ride in UK

REUTERS, Jul 24, 2010, 12.00am IST

These incidents are easily avoidable by both the parties, preferrably not wearing Burqua and company using proper screening.

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