Television creating diabetics

Television viewing is currently taking maximum toll on viewer’s time. Though it is supposed to be a medium of entertainment, but it is doing a significant damage to the society. The people remain glued to various channels, which have no option, but to follow the sponsor’s dictates and popular interests. Most of the channels keep house ladies as target groups as they have maximum time and access to the idiot box. Next group is children, which are kept glued to the cartoons. Exercise, outdoor activities, social networking and social activities are taking a knock because of the trend. Cricket is another sport which is a big money spinner for control boards but work in offices and students study time is a big casualty. No surprise that India is now diabetic capital of the world. The problem is further exaggerated by the fact that availability of large number of channels caters to almost all interest groups. It is not even being recognized as any problem but a positive technological development. No effort is likely to be made in this direction. Companies and the government would do better by creating sport events, competition, arrange walks, simple sports to create a culture of physical exercise. A hotel in USA offers free lunch to a person who cycles to generate a specific amount of electricity for the hotel. Cycling events to promote cycling for short distances for going to offices and schools should be rewarded with incentives.


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