Uplift oneself

Did you ever ponder on how to lift India? What is the way? How it can be accomplished?

 How corruption can be weeded out? How can we make nuclear power? How can we weed out terrorism? How can all of us get the food? How can we be best qualified? How can we prevent floods? How best to tap our resources? And so on I kept thinking.

 Isn’t all this a job of the government? What can anybody do about it? Is this unsolvable, endless, mind boggling and thoroughly confusing topic? India is in any case growing at fast growth rates. We have a most experienced prime minister to lead us. We have a popular government. We are organizing common wealth games. We have built a very large T3 terminal at IGI airport. We are a nuclear weapon state, fifty trillion economy, more then a billion people and large number of billionaires.

 Look for the problem sides. So many people are living below poverty line and under nourished. Lot many of us are illiterates, semi-literates and dys-literates. Later term was coined for the people who use their literacy for illegal purposes, for exploitation, for faulty planning and administration. Look any sphere of activity and we will find, lot of things lacking.

 Looking for the solution lead me to a story. Once a student went to a teacher and requested him to make him his disciple. The teacher told the student to search for a worst possible thing in this world and bring it to him. The student searched for many years but was not able to decide the worst thing in this world. In the end he landed to another teacher who told him that go and tell your teacher that student himself was the worst thing in this world. The student went to the original teacher and submitted himself as the worst thing in this world. The teacher could judge that the student has been guided by somebody and immediately asked him about the person who had told him the answer. He told the student that he wanted that realization should have come from within rather then the answer being told by somebody else. Unless you explore yourself, you would not be able to achieve much.

 Moral of the story is that if we are really interested in doing something for India, let us start from ourselves. Let us do our best and help others in doing the same. Let us take out our evils. Uplift ourselves. I am sure India with billion plus people can do anything in this world.


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