Sports and Studies

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What is more important in life sports or studies? Indians will laugh at the question. Nobody will even remotely think of any comparisons. Sports for majority of India is watching cricket on television and now in multiplexes. Hockey used to be watched widely in its glorious days for India. But that too was watched on television. Studies are a maximum involvement for most of the students. Parents and teachers boast of their academic achievements. Schools will come out with multi-page inserts in the paper carrying photographs of students who have academically excelled. If that was not enough, there are coaching- institutes, keeping the child busy through out the day. Only six to eight-hour sleep is spared. Some of the students will take bath only once or twice a week. No wonder we are producing excellent academic scorers at international levels and significant addicts of computers. Multinationals are quick to tap, promote and force this attitude by putting ‘hard to achieve ‘targetsfor them. Keeping dates and time bound performances make the bosses and parents utterly happy. There is another group of students who will not do either. They will hang around girls’ colleges, parks, gossip and will keep glued to television programs, computer games and social networking sites on Facebook and likes. There are different shades of mixtures in most of the students for such activities depending upon their relative drive.

What has suffered? It is the physical activity. Majority of population has forgotten that muscle mass too contributes to the body. Many will not understand even what a muscle means, forget about the names and groups of various muscles. Gajni has though popularized “Six Pack” culture for a few enthusiasts. Some of the young people who have opted for a police, army and sports discipline are the only people seen doing some kind of sports, that too without any significant public involvement. Overall normal range of physical statistics is widely lower for Indians as compared to international standards. Our average height, bony and muscle mass are in much lower range. We stand no where in Olympian medal tallies. What a shame for a nation boasting of having second largest numbers in the world. Average life expectancy is far less.

What is the result? We have now maximum number of diabetics in the world earning the well deserved title of being “Diabetic Capital” of the world. This has further spoiled other health statistics too. We will soon surpass in heart and brain ailments involving blocked vessels. This too is significantly because of low levels of physical activity. Our happiness levels partly depend on our physical health. Only a physically healthy person can have good mental health. Pleasant, peaceful life is only possible when we excel physically. The habits are formed in childhood and stay throughout life. Sports and physical activity can be imbibed only at younger age. Healthy life style is much more than studies. Peer pressure will keep on growing on students if we don’t take adequate steps to check this perpetual spoil of our genetic structure.

Some sort of compulsion, incentive, reward points and mandatory requirement are must in school examinations to promote physical activity in the children. Public awareness about urgent need of physical exercise is an emergency step required to preserve deteriorating adult health statistics. Suitable public participation in exercise programs need to be promoted by companies. This will be a good social drive and should be preferred mode of advertisement over television.


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