About a fire

Let us imagine a fire consistently burning like the sun. It produces heat, is non-polluting, but does not burn like the way we see the usual fires around us. It is invisible but serves the purpose very well. It is controlled but control is indirect. It runs the whole world but engines, furnaces, fireworks, fuels and forms are different according to the needs. The fuels too are of different in nature. Engine can use both solid and liquid form of fuels. Fuel can be disintegrated and reassembled in different form and can then be stored. There are speeds of fire varying proportionately to gear and speed of engine.

Isn’t it interesting? But mind it! It is there and very much the system of utilizing food inside our body. The food we eat is fuel. The heat produced is measured in calories. There are three basic types of fuels, fats, carbohydrates and proteins.  These compete to be fed in furnace, the cells of our body. If there is excess of fat in the body, it occupies more burning furnaces to create an excess of a carbohydrate called glucose. Excess of this glucose in blood, in simplified manner, is the disease called Diabetes.

To keep matter simple, if the speed of putting fuel in the furnace is more than it can handle, it starts smoking or a distorted fire starts in the body. Excess of glucose or sugar, thickens the blood, scientifically called increased viscosity. This blood does not circulate well in fine vessels in all organs, making these starve partly. Whatever reaches the cells, is not in properly utilizable form.

Let us not distort this balance. The food should be eaten only in small amounts  which can be handled by our body. Another important fact is that exercise also decreases our appetite for some time as blood is being fed to muscles and not to the gut. So it is a win- win situation with exercise and a vicious cycle otherwise. More we exercise; more muscles are produced and strengthened while same is true of eating and appetite. Excessive eating  increases the appetite and our capacity to digest food. But for some time it is stored as fat in the body till we finally land into the disease called diabetes. Hence exercise, even in simplest form of walking helps us in leading a healthy and happy life. Let the eating make us enjoy and not suffer.


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