Alice in Wonderland


Consider visiting a new world. There is a computer handling the administration. There are no favors, only inputs and corresponding outputs. No VIPs, no common men. System of governance is partly administered by electrical and electronic systems and partly by chemicals in micrograms. Chemicals, being the messengers, go to certain factories where further instructions are generated. There is a full-fledged system of roads, electric wires, electric substation controls and instructions written not on papers but in chemicals. Roads are in the form of tubes, varying in sizes, from a large one catering to whole world, through smaller branches of various sizes reaching to each and every house and individual. You are traveling in liquid environment which carries you as well as the chemicals. There is a system of ventilation throughout the world including each house. There are different types of perfect servants, handling various tasks. They have a full-fledged army equipped with chemical bullets and bombs to fight invaders. A perfect intelligence system informing every event, small and large, to each and every concerned. Even if that was not enough imagine billions of such worlds existing in the universe. There is dynamism and some equilibrium in these worlds that they are being consistently produced and replaced by new ones. There is perfect system of transfer of instructions from old world to new world, even incorporating the newer and improved version of instruction manual. There are enormous numbers of individual factories and chains of workshops handling raw materials, producing, storing and delivering finished products at desired times. The worlds are units in themselves. They meet other worlds, have diplomatic exchanges, and intermingle to service each other, friendly and enemy ones. There are variations in these worlds to some extent depending upon constitution of each world. Two or more worlds co-operate with each other in producing an improved version of a new world. Each new one grows in size, stays for some time and then replaced by new one. If you have been able to figure out, what is being talked about; is very good. For the people who thought me to be an Alice in Wonderland, let me explain that this all is very well-known to you, experienced and possessed by you. Yes, it is your own body. Our brain is the central computer, nervous system includes wiring and endocrine forming chemicals, blood vessels are the tubes of transport, lungs the ventilators, and various other systems doing all the jobs mentioned. But remember, corruption is missing. You can very well spoil the system if you do not follow the instruction manual. You need a daily dose of EXERCISE, SUN LIGHT, PROPER DIET AND REHERSAL OF BRAIN. You have to keep the system updated. Any derangement is likely to produce the disease. Exercise and food are the basic drivers, required consistently and in timely manner.


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