Relative Postures

Speaker speaks his brain, listener listens his own

Obedience is a marvelous word. Who should obey who was very confusing to me since my childhood, but matter is getting worse as the days pass by. I used to write this word in my applications taught to me by my teachers, but could not understand its meaning until a few years later.

Should children obey parents or vice versa is talk of the day. My lady doctor friends invariably talk of being always in ordered posture by their kids and children; very fondly narrated by them. A mother was boasting about her son other day on FM that her adolescent son talks only to his girl friend and will invariably say “No balance in his phone,” if asked to talk to others.  Patients too these days prefer to opt for commanding tones if get a chance, submitting to advice only in emergencies.

Individually, when matter was presented to body parts, everybody appeared autonomous. There is a consistent war between mind and the heart. The word ‘heart’ has two meanings for the public, one that pumps blood in the body and other that takes care of emotions. I am referring to this heart; that takes care of emotions. Emotions and logic are usually found clashing, classic case being presented by Arjun of Mahabharata fame.   

Digvijay Singh, foreign secretary and foreign minister, these days are also in news for wrong reasons. They are either indecisive about who should speak what or deliberately behaving so, for reasons best known to them.

Tongue is very interesting organ of the body. Most important way, it harms the individual is, its autonomic nature. Moment we learn to talk, very fondly taught by our parents, we are always promoted to talk. I was punished only a few times by my teachers for irresponsible talking; though was promoted to talk while answering questions at infinite number of times.

Individually speaking, one should only talk when required and should convey one’s mind in appropriate words. It should be a statesmanship on the part of individual. There is no idea of talking rudely, insulting others, using abusive language and one should be thoroughly respectful to whom we are talking. One should speak as much, as is necessary and speech should have a specific purpose. Logic should have control over our mind, desires and definitely the tongue.

Spirituality adds another dimension to the ongoing debate. Saints say that one should be completely submitted to the God. If we are in complete devotion to Him then we will be at eternal peace, happiness and harmonize with “Universal Wisdom, Glory and Power.”


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