One of the strong points about India is that it has a strong family system, though its strength is increasingly declining courtesy western culture, media, and misuse section 498-A of Indian constitution. Proposed bill including parents as offenders against children will put a final nail on the Indian family. The act of census makers, equating prostitutes and house wives together, is an act of utter carelessness. The concerned officials should be suitably treated. House hold work is a significant economic activity and GDP of India should evaluate it properly and amend its figures accordingly. Most of the working ladies in the west have substitutes for many of the works performed by Indian house wives like baby sitters, house cleaners, laundry and restaurants. These are well accounted economic activities; India is not accounting for. Honorable judges have rightly pointed out the lacuna, which requires to be rectified urgently. House wife is an equal partner in the income of husband. Economic value of her duties will be placed according to the income of her husband. She is performing tasks for the family which require attention and competence according to the status of the family. Loss to the husband and family should be accounted according to the status of the family. Motor vehicles act, GDP figures and census need amendment according to that. This should be treated as abusive recording in census, discrimination against house wives in motor vehicles act and under estimation of India’s GDP.

For times of India story read 

Housewives, prostitutes, beggars clubbed in Census; SC upset

TNN, Jul 24, 2010, 12.42am IST


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