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Build your dreams, reference reproduced below, is a fantastic title. It is all the more interesting that it is the title of a car company in China.

Every individual, company, society and nation has its own milestones of progress. The progress of a company is partly dependent on its promoters. World including India and China are full of creative people. Only their current level of development decides their present ranking at international level. International competition is also developing at same as the world is developing.

The advantages keep on shifting with time. Population wise big nations, China and India, which were hitherto, stood nowhere in international competition have started gaining advantage on many accounts. They are technologically advancing rapidly, have big markets of their own and have demographic advantage of huge young manpower availability.

No wonder the international investment will start flowing to these countries. China is at an advanced stage as compared to India, but both are hugely different societies.

The nations develop in many generations and are outcome of changes since the dawn of humanity. We are simply a stage in development of a nation. Everybody contributes to changes, both positive and negative. It is total integrated effect of all changes that reflects the nation.

China and India are future of the world and they will play lead roles sooner than later. Development of world is total effect of all the individuals living on this earth. Competitors should never be under estimated.

Build your dreams

Rajeev Mantri,  23 July 2010, TOI blogs

That’s not the cheesy title of this blog’s first post — it’s a leading electric car company in China that is blazing a trail in the automotive industry.

Founded in 1995, BYD Company started as a manufacturer of batteries, competing against established Japanese firms to become the world’s leading manufacturer of rechargeable batteries by 2000.

It entered the automobile industry via an acquisition in 2002, with zero experience in the car business. In 2008, Warren Buffett invested $230 million for a 10% stake in the company and BYD launched the world’s first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, successfully integrating forward from just manufacturing batteries to producing battery-powered cars.

BYD has been consistently rated among the most innovative companies in the world, beating entrenched automobile industry heavyweights such as Ford and Volkswagen.

BYD’s story doesn’t just represent the rise of a new innovator — it is symbolic of a surge in technology-driven, product companies from Asia. BYD has broken the stereotype of the Chinese mass manufacturer, one capable only of churning out commoditized products at low cost.

From focusing on only outsourcing and mass manufacturing of commodity products, nations like India and China will now produce more innovation-driven companies driven by the three-way confluence of the availability of high-quality technical talent, a large domestic market and broader shift in the economic center of gravity from West to East. This is a strong, secular and structural trend whose momentum will be a key driver of the next wave of economic growth.There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur — and as BYD has shown, build one’s dream.

Additional reading

Spat erupts at Indo-Pak peace talks briefing

Dr. Madan Goyal (India) 16 Jul, 2010 0530hrs IST
Part of the problem is that we want the other nation to do our job. If some person is creeping in our territory with a wrong design, it is our duty to take care of the person concerned. It should be taken as an opportunity to strengthen our intelligence, upkeep our police and border forces and above all build up on competence of our administration.
Miscreants will like to exploit all loopholes available to them. We can not allow our relations to be spoiled by the acts of miscreants. Our progress should not be subverted by vested interests. Let other countries like China not take advantage of our disputes and enjoy on our failures.
Whether Pakistan promotes the trouble in India or not, is not the question at the moment, but we have to depend on the force in progress. The domestic competence is not an option but a necessity. Terrorists and their patrons will do best for themselves, we have to be smarter then them.
Let mutual trade overweigh on policies of two countries to these bitter exchanges. Let the momentum of co-operation be strong to overall benefit of two countries.The biggest achiever of head way in talks would be an increase in mutual trade. Once mutual trade is encouraged, benefit will overweigh the benefits of insurgency.
One of the reasons for insurgency is Pakistan’s military rulers’ desire to keep the demand of defense budget on higher side. Since democracy is taking root in Pakistan, increasing trade opportunity will encourage citizens and civilian rulers to prefer trade over militancy. This will go a long way, if the tension on the boarder can be done away with.
Militants want to stall the peace process. One Mumbai attack has served their purpose for few years. We should strengthen our intelligence, boarder security, so that cross boarder efforts can be easily frustrated. Actions have to be equally effective on all the fronts, allowing a steady progress on trade side.
When China can built nuclear reactors in its boarder state, why can not we change our mind set to trade. Let militants talk, whatever they want to speak. It is the ground reality, which matters. Realty is that, unless the cross boarder rulers and citizens find their benefit in peace, militancy can not be checked.
Youth on both sides have to be provided alternative means of livelihood. A simultaneous firm hand on the aids of militants on this side of boarder is must for durable peace. The visit is definite positive step on this front.

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