Devotion is very good in achieving mental peace, treating anxieties, fears, many neurotic illnesses and very useful for leading a normal and healthy life style. This is a state of complete submission to God, in which our mind is at complete rest as we shed our responsibilities, strain of taking decisions and corresponding uncertain executions. We are devoid of worries of public image and loss. Unnecessary worries of future events and uncertainties, past repentance and guilt associated with these thoughts vanishes if we are able to achieve a true devotional state. Mind should be in absolute submission mode instead of responsible attitude.


Stress on the other hand prepares our body to dangers, unusual fears, threats and unprecedented tasks in hand. Small amount of stress is useful for our body as it affects our body positively. But prolonged stress affects our body negatively by exhausting our body. The excess of hormones produced in prolonged stress coupled with prolonged similar commands from brain, harm our body physically as well as mentally.


Our mind perceives the two states as entirely different. Different hormones are produced in different states and whole of body is thus directed either towards stress or growth in peace. A little amount of psychological stress is good for our body as it prepares our body for fighting the problem at hand. But it may not be possible for all problems to be solved. There is sometimes a wrong pattern of thinking in which person is unduly worried, in spite of the fact that there is no actual problem. In both these situations devotion helps to ease tension in the mind.


The people may take a positive or negative attitude towards life. While positive attitude generates happiness; negative attitude leads to worries. If a person has a hundred rupees note, people with positive attitude will be happy about having it, while those with negative attitude will be worried about having only hundred. They are consistently worried and not taking any steps to act towards desired goals. Avoidable worries decrease our efficiency; tire our brain by depleting necessary neurotransmitters in the brain and resultant endocrine environment of the body.

Devotion is hence a beneficial practice in almost every one’s life. It may not be easy to practice positive thinking and achieve appropriate devotional states. A lot of guidance is required in achieving that.


It should be clearly understood that devotion is a state of our mind and is independent of to whom we are devoted. The benefits are bound to be achieved if we are able to achieve a perfect devotional state. It is similar to meditation as in both processes, mind diverts from the stressful thoughts. But in meditation one learns to detach from negative thoughts and is able to focus and concentrate on some other activity or a point. In devotion person has faith in God and completely submits to Him and hence gets relieved of his problems.


But there is a catch in it. There is a lot of trade in the business of devotion. Benefits of devotion do not flow unless the person is absolutely submitted to the God. But preachers of devotion tend to project themselves as next to God and if they are His agents. They make the ordinary people believe that the person needs to be in complete submission to them as they would be to the God. While preaching devotion is very simple and requires subjects those are in suggestible state of mind, it imperceptibly merges with blind faith. Absolute faith of the devotee is must for advantages to flow, but this comes packed with dangers.

Devotion is a bi-edged sword. It should be read along with another post in this blog  Subconscious Suggestions -A word of Caution.


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    The blossoming of devotion can be compared to germination of seed. When the sprout emerges from the soil, it is so tender that it breaks at our touch, but still this fragile sprout had the strength to pierce through hard soil. Likewise however small & insignificant one may feel before God, when devotion blossoms; the divine power of the soul sprouts from within, breaking through the hard crust of our ego to effortlessly embrace in everlasting bliss.

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    Devotion may be in Karma,Gyana & Bhakti Yoga.

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