Everybody wants to be happy. Happiness will not happen to us. It will have to be created. But where is the factory? Where is the raw material?

Factory is our brain. Raw materials are our thoughts and how we look towards life.

Part of it depends on our genetic structure. Our personality is formed partly by what we inherit from our parents in the form of genes. This is not in our hands. But what we can do is to know our personality and find out the best modifications and efforts required to lead a happy and peaceful life.

 Positive outlook is another factor which is mandatory for happiness. Any event can be felt by ourselves or presented in both positive and negative ways. A 10 centimeter line will look smaller than 20 centimeter and larger than 5 centimeter. We have to compare the things the way we will feel happier.

Success is another great mood elevater. Perception of success is again a relative concept. It depends on what precisely our targets are. It is better to set smaller and achievable targets, achieve them and be happy.

Giving oneself a break is another mood elevater. Boring routine of daily life has to changed partly and something different has to inserted in life. It acts like peppers or desserts in the meals. Events in life, spread to a wide spectrum of small to large ones. Life has to be lived in events, relished and thoroughly injoyed.

Exercising regularly is another big mood booster. Some amount of time in the day must be devoted to good exercise. It has to be a pleasant sport, whatever it may be, from a simple walk to anything more complicated. Depending upon individual tastes, it is another very essential ingredient of happiness.

Creativity of any sort is a great thrill. One should be as creative as possible. Innovations in work, variations, adding and updating are really pleasant.

Hobbies constitute another area which should be regularly or sporadically tapped depending on the mood. Anything which a person feels happy about, should be a part of  creting happiness for yourself.

Helping others will add to pleasing moments in life. When we see the happiness in others or listen to releif achieved by the needy will boost this to be made livable and pleasant.

Social activities with positive outlook can be another useful area of involvement.

Spiritual persuits tending to devotion to God, chanting spiritual rhymes and songs, music component in offerings helps many to pass their spare and leisure time.


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    I would like to add another great factor to develop outlook i.e. Environment.

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