PM’s Paradox

M J Akbar in Times of India blog PM’s Paradox has started a good discussion.

We are living in a true democracy. Democracy imparts power to the voters. Number of MPs of a party in parliament decides its ministries and portfolios. It also vests them with the responsibility to  answer.

The arrangement in given circumstance is pretty clear. There is no weakness on the part of PM. People have voted for the congress because it has chosen him to be prime minister and every body knows that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is party president. It is futile to imagine that he will not lead in the next election or he will be blamed for failures. If his health permits, he is the best bet for the congress.

No body can thrust a leader on the people. Even, the strongest of the politicians, have tasted defeats, in vigilant and vibrant democracies. People of India are wise and opposition too will like that ruling party commit mistakes. Every body wants to cash in lacunae. Our PM is most experienced academician and best suited for the job.

Nothing can be flawless. A few mistakes by some ministers do not call for explanations from the PM. The so-called mistakes may have been political steps to test the grounds and may have required certain scapegoats. While failures are part of any governance, nothing can be predicted about future with certainty. Steps are decided according to the present realities and rectifications are inserted as and when required.

I do not agree that there is any paradox with the PM or he is a weak Prime Minister. He is fully competent technical person best suited for the job, out of the available politicians at the moment. The votes to the congress are in fact for him as PM.


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    In my view as a senior citizen and retired Chief of district health administration,I agree with the view of Dr.Madan Goyal.

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