Eternal Donation


Lot of people are living a painful lives because of various deficiencies, which need organ transplantation. So many corneal blindness, kidney failures and liver failures. These are a few of the organs which can be successfully transplanted.

Why can not we donate cornea,  commonly known as eyes. So many people die without doing this service to the humanity, everyday in this world. Many of the healthy corneas are daily done to ashes with the dead body. Why our religious heads can not start institutions to update the religious dictates. Human bodies are a great natural source of many organs. Kidneys, hearts, skin and liver are some of the many implantable organs in our body. Why can not we live through these organs donated to other people and help them live a more useful life.

As we have a ritual of Kanya Dan( Marrying a daughter in Hindus is termed a donation to son-in-law called Kanya Dan. Kanya is girl and Dan is donation), similarly we can term it as ‘Last Rites’ or ‘Antim Dan’

There is another system of reverse mortgage associated with property. Why our insurance companies can not reverse mortgage corneas and other implantable organs of body. This too will be a great help to the needy old people. This will provide some desired thrust to help the needy patients and organ availability move. Our bodies are great teachers and have a lot of donate-able value. One body can train many medical students. The assets in our dead bodies are worth preserving.

Body is great creation of God almighty. By making available, this unique marvel of nature to medical colleges for study purposes after all the useful organs have been transplanted to the needy people, will be another service to the humanity. Present system of disposal of dead bodies were adopted in various forms, by different religions, to take care of last remnants of the useless organic matter in those times. But the technology is much advanced now. Hence by continuing with old religious rituals, we are doing a great harm to the society. It needs a little awakening, relevant laws and appropriate motivation at social levels. 

All of our religions should agree that instead of burning this creation of God,it should be utilized for overall good of the suffering people. Relieving the suffering of humanity is the real purpose of religion, after all.

Appropriate laws are required to check any criminality associated with this invaluable donation.  Similarly government and medical colleges should start movements for body donations and having a list of needy people. Anybody whosoever wants to come in public life should first write a will  of such intent for the surviving humanity. This will, at least be one noble service to the humanity, to take care of innumerable misdeed of ours.

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    When I was Chief District Medical Officer Baragarh Orissa (India) in 2007-08,the district administration was donating unclaimed dead bodies of D.H.H.Baragarh to nearest V.S.S.Medical College Burla Sambalpur to be utilised for anatomical dissection and study.For other dead bodies,legal consent or will is required for the above purpose.

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      Thanks Dr. Panda, Presently the status is as you mentioned. But I think there is a scope for lot more to be done in this direction. Thanks for enriching the site. Dr. Madan Goyal

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