Political Moves


Politics is as necessary for the country as brain for the individual. Ultimately somebody has to drive the country. Politics has to be done by political parties and party requiring lot of individuals is next unavoidable fact. Third fact which emerges is that people have to come from the society, it is supposed to lead. Forth fact is that anybody, who outsmarts other competitors, is naturally the winner.

Now if the politics is a dirty world; than who is to blame; the process of outsmarting or the society from which these people come. Should the’ dirty’ word be at all be used and is justified? Is it a great service or a great exploitation?

Once a person joins a party, he is supposed to be collectively responsible for misdeeds of its constituents and faces the wrath of opposition. They are supposed to collectively fight any wrong move by its opponents.

Amit Shaw, state minister for home, of Gujarat is one such case where collective fight is must on the part of BJP. BJP is fighting against CBI misuse, which congress will justifiably deny, is a battle depending on strength in the matter and might with which it is fought. 

Wrong Move

Jul 26, 2010, 

Another point which emerges is that in the fight of political moves; it is the country which suffers. Whether it is a fake encounter or CBI misuse, both confuse the matter sufficiently for the public. Press, too, plays the spoil by taking a partition stand.

How can anybody remain above dirty politics if one has to play in the dirt? Play is likely to be dirtier as the judges, the public, is the supreme commander.


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