Hospital Lessons


 We visit hospitals everyday to either get treated or to see our relatives. One can see many things in the hospital scene. It is the individual outlook of a person and sometimes depends on the mood at a particular moment.

           Death should remind a person of the basic reality of life. It should be taken as a biological process and person should draw lessons, not to do wrong things while alive. Ultimately individual is just like any other living being in this world and gets back to the raw materials, it is made from. So there is nothing so material about life.

            Disease should remind the persons of many lacunae in their habits and serve a warning to them. Many of diseases and premature deaths are preventable. While enjoying life, one should allocate some time to preventive steps too. Proper life style, healthy thinking, adequate exercise and balanced diet should summarize the preventions. List is long and goes with individual disease.

            Hospital also teaches detachment. The patients are in pain and hospital staff tries to alleviate their pain. But it is being done as a duty. Nobody gets over emotional about these. Deaths too are a routine and serve as an introspection for the doctor whether he could have done anything more.

            It too spreads smiles when a disease is cured, pain relieved, person saved, tragedy averted and keeps hope alive in direst of emergencies. Hope is best medicine and a great healer.  Happiness has to be created and it can be created in these scenes too. One should live life as if there will not be a second day. Enjoy life thoroughly. Be happy and spread happiness.

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    While I was Chief District Medical Officer-cum-Medical Superintendent of D.H.H.Bargarh Orissa in 2007-08, I was conducting Death Review meeting to enlighten the doctors what better could have been done to save the life .Hope and despair of human life are associated with cure and death.

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