Universal Cruelty

Imagine a situation where a child is deficient in something. He needs a particular type of drug or complex organic substance very urgently. It is generated only at very few locations in the village, district or even state level and that too, only at very few occasions. The child had been suffering the illness and waiting for the remedy consistently for a long time. At last the remedy was available somewhere.

But there was a religious barrier. Some people had collected thousands of years earlier and decided to destroy that organic matter. The substance was useless in those times. It created a lot of troubles in the house and locality, if it was not treated the way it was decided. Slowly everybody started following the way and it became a religious custom.

Lot many years passed. Everybody was unanimous about this thing. Every body was happy that there is a solution to the ill effects and they could get rid of the organic substance. It slowly developed in to a universally accepted, non controversial and inter religiously agreed wisdom to destroy this, priceless, but turned useless substance.

In another area people did not know about the uses of curd. They saw milk turning in to curd. But thought that milk had been spoiled and threw it.

There was another group in a different country. They found that certain substances, say apples, could be used only for some time. After that, these would be spoiled irretrievably.

Do not you think that, if with advancing technology we now know, how to use and make curd, delay or prevent destruction of apple, we should change and stop destroying the curd or apples? I know everybody agrees that nobody throws curd now and every body preserves his apples under proper circumstances.

But gentlemen, people are still suffering from many diseases which require organ transplantation. People, all over this universe, are unanimous in this ignorance. They are consistently destroying a very rich source of an organic substance, which could alleviate the suffering of this humanity. Yes! We are destroying our dead bodies which are the only sources of eyes, skin, liver, bones and kidneys.

It may take many years of research till we are able to synthesize organs. Till then, our dead bodies are the only source of precious human organs. As we can donate blood during our life, some organs can be donated after death. That will be a great respite for people suffering from corneal blindness, renal failure and liver failures.

Our religious rituals are a big barrier in this direction. We need to update our religions to prevent this cruelty. Religions are for helping humanity and not for depriving the people of available remedies. Religions should not come in the way of technology that helps people.

Let us stop this cruelty to the humanity and start donating our bodies. Let people live, in our eyes and kidneys.

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