Chaotic Photography, Half truth is half lie

Imagine a situation of significant congestion, overload, altered working and chaos. There are goods overload almost every where. Not only the stores are full to the capacity, but also the goods are lying in corridors, streets are full with one of products.

This product is competing with other substances, because of its sheer content. Since it has started replacing other substances in the market, the market is flooded with the other substances too.

Vehicular trauma has started damaging the already aged and damaged roads too. The people and system have also started different functioning. Net result is chaos.

This is what precisely happens to our body. Lack of exercise makes our muscles weak, which in turn consume less glucose. Glucose burning cycle gets resistant to insulin partly, exhausting the stores of insulin. The fat and constituents like cholesterol free fatty acids, lipoproteins and triglycerides increase in our blood. The viscosity of blood is increased.

The fine vessels are damaged because of wear and tear of age and cholesterol deposits in the lining of vessels.

Sometimes these are dislodged in the form of small balls and plug the only supply line of certain areas like heart, brain and other parts. These organs start reduced function or stop working at all resulting death. Our body behaves  precisely in this manner in obesity, lack of exercise, ischemia, heart attacks and cerebral paralyses.

One has to be cautious before it is too late. Sometimes we are too late to retrieve the healthy state. Or the organ malfunctions like angina, and breathlessness, heart enlargement and increased blood pressure limit working of our body.

Life style alterations in the form of reduced caloric intake, increased exercise, reducing lying down times and more peaceful working help in reversing these damaging processes.


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    Promotive,preventive and curative health care need to be practiced to maintain physical,mental,social and spiritual health of human life to control chaos in body and mind.

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