Job creation


Developing economies are the places where the growth is improving. India is growing at a better pace than past, but need to keep its directions proper.

We need investment in sectors where development is required, where the needs are more emergent and not in sectors which are already well-funded. Infrastructure sector, power generation and cap on emigration are the areas which need changes for mutual trade development.

New Delhi should not fall for only lip service and hand over our key areas to foreign control by permitting drastic increase in FDI in these areas. It should be appropriate diplomacy, but approach has to be the same on both sides.

We should increase FDI only in sectors where we need investment and not in sectors where other countries want us to open up.

We should see that our students  and people are not maltreated in UK, they are not treated as second-rate citizens, treated differently than local residents. Job opportunities should not see racial discrimination. We should create jobs where we need action and not create jobs for ‘affluent persons of other countries’.

Trade should see that poor persons in developing countries are not exploited further. They should not be deprived of their genuine rights of jobs, at least in their own countries. Moreover the state installations and our own institutions, be not handed over to foreigners in the name opening market.



Old Ties Made New

Jul 30, 2010, TOI


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