Law and Medicine


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Law is framework within which lawyers argue and judges give judgments. The law is a consistently growing domain and interpreted, updated and is written by many persons and in many states. It is strictly based and interpreted on the basis of words and sometimes even grammar in original text.

Medicine is a science which defines best course in all available opportunities and uncertainties.

 TOI news report “The Madras high court has said registered practitioners in siddha, ayurveda, homeopathy and unani are eligible to practise surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, anaesthesiology, ENT, ophthalmology, etc.

Justice F M Ibrahim Kalifulla, passing orders on a contempt of court petition filed by the Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Graduates Association, also said penal action against such practitioners who dabbled in allopathy should be “dropped forthwith.”    

The ruling runs contrary to a recent order delivered by another judge on a petition filed by two unani practitioners who sought similar relief. In February this year, Justice K K Sasidharan had held that practitioners of Indian system of medicines should not practise allopathy, and that there was nothing wrong if police take action against those who attempt to practice allopathy without valid qualification.

While passing orders on Thursday, Justice Kalifulla took note of a June 29 circular of the government, which, citing section 17(3)B of the Indian Medicine Central Council Act 1970, said institutionally qualified practitioners of siddha, ayurveda, unani and homeopathy are eligible to practise the respective system with modern scientific medicine “including surgery and obstetrics and gynaecology, anaesthesiology, ENT, etc. based on the training and teaching.”

The government’s latest stand on the issue smacks of ambiguity while dealing with alternative systems of medicine which it seeks to promote even while claiming to check illegal practitioners. The recent crackdown had seen several traditional practitioners being booked for prescribing allopathic drugs.”

 The law should not be interpreted on the basis of letters only but its spirit is also important. It should not harm the humanity. 

Allopathy, Siddha, Unani and Ayurvedic may be just words for the law, but carry a meaning of life and death for people and in medicine. The students of Ayurved and anaesthesia practice in Allopathy are so wide apart as probably north and south pole. Equating them simply as all branches of healing people and permitting everything to everybody is a very dangerous judgment.


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    With my experience of 36 years as a medical practitioner as an M.B.B.S.,M.D. doctor and as a Medical Officer from Asst.Surgeon level upto my retirement as Chief District Medical Officer;I am of the opinion that different health system practitioners of Allopathy & AYUSH should practice within limitation of their knowledge and training of their system.

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    Dinesh Katariya said,

    Yes Sir , You Are absolutely right, if these people will going to conduct surgical procedure or anaesthetise patient , the life of patients will be indengour.

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