Creating Humor

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Any communication needs at least two persons. The two should be able to perfectly understand each other. Than only, they will be able to enjoy humor and its fruits. One has to be really humorous in nature or at least be in a mood to enjoy it thoroughly. The humor requires that we take things in humorous way.

Going by the serious jobs, time bound targets, interlinked developments and competing internationally with known and unknown competitors, humor is first casualty. Seriousness and humor should alternate. These are complimentary to each other. Excess of either may harm the individual.

If a person is in a humorous mood while other takes it otherwise, it may spell disaster. Sensitive persons are particularly prone to misinterpret the humor and get offended. That is one of very serious complications of humor. Hence one has to avoid being sarcastic to a sensitive person.

In any case sarcasms are best targeted on one self rather than the listener. It requires a great confidence and uprightness to be sarcastic on oneself. People tend to use it against the sarcastic unless properly guarded.

Humor should be an integral part of daily events. Many of the serious problems can be tackled with humor. Unwarranted anger of partner is best tackled with shrewdly directed humor.

Being humorous is a difficult art, but once mastered, it is a big tool in one’s hand. Many of the difficult situations are best handled with humor. Many of events in life require to be ignored simply by being humorous. Failures are best tackled by learning lessons from these and being humorous about these.

Some of the sensitive writings are best done in humorous way. It is likely to be read by more people.

Our brain is ultimate controlling authority of our biological profile and events in the body. Various emotions set the ball moving in a particular direction according to their effects on our body.

Anger, fear, prolonged stress are some of negative emotions in our body which need to be treated best by humor. One should preferably be humorous than being in these negative emotions.

Love, affection, peace and devotion, are the other emotions, besides humor and happiness, which help positive growth in the body.


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    My comment ‘Humour in Spirituality’ may be refered in article ‘Life, a laughing matter’ published in Speaking Tree of Spirituality in the website .

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    Part of the comment by Dr. Madan Goyal in TOI in above link.

    Laugh and sermon are related. Both relieve people of their tensions and stress. Laughing at serous matters is scientific way to live a healthy life.

    There is so much around, which should not be happening, but happens, that person can only laugh away these things. Once this mantra is well incorporated in our habits, life becomes full of charm.

    There is no philosophy better then ‘All Is Well.’ Our saints have realized this since ages. Sooner every tense person realizes it, better it is for him.

    God Krishna says same thing in Gita to Arjuna of Mahabharta fame, “What is happening, whatever has happened and whatever will happen in future is good. There is nothing to worry.”

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