Beneficial or Addiction?

Electronic communication has changed the way we live. The change is universal truth of life. We have changed from the Stone Age to the present one. Certain changes are reversible, but most of the changes or developments are irreversible. Electronic communication is definitely an irreversible change.

Though the advantages of electronic communication are innumerable and above question, I will focus on the negative aspect of this change. 

Participation in any activity requires a learning curve and then practicing the learnt art. Writing is one such activity. Previously the standard constraint about writing was that it should be worth the paper on which it is written, or it should be profitable to publish and sell it. 

Electronic communication has taken away that constraint. Now the worth of any writing is judged on the basis of views it can generate and hence its revenue generation value.

Views generation is partly dependent on affinity to the writer and viewer. The affinity may be because of relations, friendship and reciprocation and because of an element of ownership psychology. By later, I mean that person thinks that I have created this content and so many people have viewed it. The viewer-ship is the ultimate criteria for revenue generation factor and decides about sustainability of a website. More are the number of people using a site, more will be ads. One of most interesting ways to generate viewer-ship is to put a semi-naked photograph of a female on the click-able link. It generates a lot of views.

This has changed the communication. Physical communication is being replaced with bed room or study room communication. Secondly verbal and visual exchanges are automatically deleted. The audio or visual communication waves are perishable. These vanish, unless recorded for recording purpose. On the contrary electronic communication needs deletion regularly, otherwise there is so much delete worthy stuff on the site that it creates mesh. 

Lot of people are writing simply their momentary expressions, remarks and ideas which may or may not have any value for a serious reader, or are worth the time spent on it. Similarly surfing is again a lot of time-consuming practice. Whether this useless writing and surfing have any benefits for the society or wasting time of people is another big question. Should it be termed another form of addiction and needs to be treated or should it be termed as a useful activity? Even addicting drugs have some benefits. Same is true for the idiot box called television?


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    I would like to quote your response to my article Effect of Yoga and Spirituality on Creativity published on June 1,2010 in my blog Yoga and Spirituality:”Old generation has a wealth of experiences, which might not have been written down in the past. Electronic media presents a vast oppurtunity to put it in record for the benefit of others. It also offers forums for interaction.” Thus I took the advantage of beneficial aspect of electronic media.

  2. 3

    Dr. Madan Goyal said,

    Thanks Dr. Panda for reminding me of my words.

    I have agreed at the outset that it is a far better way of communication. No doubt about that.

    I was introspecting on, if the aspect I have refrred to should be counted as a side effect or not?

    Should I be motivating myself and others to indulge in it or warn myself of useless spending of time.

    The words you have referred to are really worth reading along with this introspection.

    Thanks once again.

  3. 4

    Let us go on writing, my Mantra. If one man reads and gets benefit, it worths a lot.

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