China and India

The economy of China has grown to number two position. It is partly because of universal factors and partly its policy dependent. Universal factors are that nations grow at a certain pace and there are natural trends in growth of a nation. China is rapidly approaching its trajectory phase and it is going to take the lead sooner. The difference between India and China is likely to widen further.

Though China has started becoming increasingly assertive in neighborhood, but it is unlikely to be in its benefit to confront all neighbors. Moreover confrontation is contrary to development and is unlikely to be the policy of China at the moment. It will prefer to increase trade with India to generate more jobs for its people.

Trading benefits with India are a better platform to negotiate though one should take all steps towards strengthening defense too. India as a market is a stronger attraction for any nation. But it should not be at the cost of Indian people.


We are probably partly lagging behind because of a significant element of corruption. The difference is obvious between Olympic Game management of China and common wealth games preparations in India. This area needs strong attention or we may head towards anarchy. Democracy does not mean autonomous corruption, it should be perfect accountability.

Our population growth needs to be watched. Spread of effective education to remote and economically weaker sections will help in restricting population and improving employability of the population.

Read also TOI editorial dated 2/08/2010


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    The mentality of a person to be corrupted or not depends upon the honesty and integrity of the person concerned.We have to improve the working values of public and working force to get the desired result.

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