Durable Happiness

How a person perceives happiness is highly specific to the individual. It depends on his personality, and environment. It may be short-lived or durable.

Our actions and thoughts are main factors of happiness, which we can control in best way. Every action has certain short-term and long-term effects. Many a times short-term and long-term effects of same action are contradictory.

Let us analyze our daily actions. We spend time in sleep. Eight hour sleep would be termed as appropriate. Any small variation to sleep time is justified, but undue increase or decrease in sleep time may be giving pleasure in short-term, but harmful in long run.

Similarly time spent on leisure activities is beneficial if it is appropriately interspersed between learning and time spent on useful work. Too much of leisure may be giving happiness in short-term but acts contrary to durable happiness, as it is likely to be associated with missed targets and failures.

Ignoring physical exercise may be satisfying temporarily, but spoils our body, may lead on to diseases like obesity, diabetes and infertility in females. Lack of exercise is well-recognized but minimally acted upon lacuna currently affecting our young generation in India.It decreases our stamina, competence and sometimes crippling to make us dependent on others.

Same is true of greed; it gives us a temporary happiness by satisfying our immediate needs but is ultimately harmful in creating a negative image. It spoils interpersonal relationship in long run. Business may be irretrievably harmed. Greed has been accepted as a sin by all religions and only a temporary happiness.

Anger is a natural reaction to many unpleasant happenings around us, but we should understand that in such moments, our own brain is best place to act upon. It is our thinking process at that moment which is instumental in creating anger. Sometimes anger may solve problems, but it is harmful most of the times.

Surfing and social activities on webs is doing more harm than benefit as these are partly addicting to young and immature minds and are partly replacing the personal contact. Net connectivity is changing our life styles. We have to find ways to incorporate physical exercise in our daily routine if we have to prevent further deterioration of our genetic structure.

New learning is partly straining but builds a ground for a happier future. More we learn, better we will be in a position to compete and achieve better. Competence in a person is an asset to the individual as well as to the society. It needs perseverance, dedication, targeted approach and time bound actions. Short cuts are ultimately harmful in life.

One has to achieve an appropriate balance in deciding allocations to various activities for durable happiness. One must develop a habit to plan for the day, and should adhere to the plan to achieve daily targets. Life is, after all, a total some of our daily life.


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    Let me first quote the following lines from my article ‘To get best out of life’ published in my blog Yoga and Spirituality on May 2, 2010:
    “Never search your happiness in others which will make you feel alone,
    Rather search it in yourself you will feel happy even if you are left alone.
    Happiness always looks small when we hold it in our hands,
    But when we learn to share it, we realize how big and precious it is.”
    To add to it, I will say: durable happiness will be there if the long term feeling of happiness lasts at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

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    Thanks Dr. Panda, for adding more about durable happiness. Your experience is really valueablle to the readers.

    Great people and introvert personalities are able to find happiness in themselves.

    Extrovert people depend on company of others and prefer to share their thoughts and activities. They find happiness in mutual approvals and appreciation of their activities.

    Both types of personalities can live a happy and fruitful life, the ways of acheiving happiness may be slightly different.

    In fact there are some differences in differerent psychological groups, the way they approach life.

    Saints ang great people do universal sevice by sharing their wisdom with masses, making them overcome their difficulties.

    Spiritual pursuits and faith have universal appeal to generate peace and happiness.

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