Next Prime Minister

The person who sits in parliament, sits on prime ministerial chair, majority of ruling party MPs vote for him, is a high command of a party, young and energetic person and smiles as Kalmadies do their job.

Lets the image of country spoiled. Shares, the bounty of all under the table deals. He keeps on accumulating, more and more money, in some foreign banks. He leads the country to number one position in corruption in the world. He sees the country slipping slowly towards anarchy.

He is one of the monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi and does not see any evil, only gets shares behind the scene. Either he is not really able to see what is happening, or does not understand what to do. There are lots of Kalmadies around him to cheer him all the day long.

He also speaks no evil. Any body who speaks anything is either not in his party, or is thrown away as odd man out. He listens to all cheers, every body drinking and enjoying life as they have nothing to do but to enjoy.

He promotes Kalmadies as admirers, yes-men and creating a party of people who simply eat and eat and eat. No opportunity is spared. Everything is kept top-secret till it is decided to make somebody a scapegoat if all can not be covered up.

He finds ways to befool people to vote for his party candidates, either by money power or by a shrewdly conducted election campaign. He projects him clean and Kalmadies are kept out of elections for one or two plans, till opposition has vented out all air in them.

He has mastered the art of remaining silent or speaks only the written speech. Even press is allowed to ask only pre-decided questions and given the standard answers. Press after all also gets its share. All channels are accordingly affiliated and are required to do their best acting.

The people of India deserve a person who can promise moon, smile, can act in front of cameras, befool them in to voting for them and can muster majority for his party in any way. After all people are paid for voting.


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    Dr Rajshekher said,

    I don’t entirely disagree with you, sir, but don’t you think that in the last 6-7 y things have been promising in India?
    We have an educated, respected man for PM;
    he is a scholar, even the US president listens to him in matters of economics.
    He is not a politician, and isn’t that a positive point,based on your own analysis above?
    And what made it possible for such a man to be at the helms of affair in a country like ours for so long?
    Surely, something good must exist in us for that to be possible!

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