Woman Care

Woman in developing countries, especially India deserves special attention. Discrimination to woman in patriarchal societies, such as India, starts right at intra-uterine gender determination and female feticide. Mostly it is the females who have a craving for male issue. Females in such countries need to be physically and mentally uplift themselves to get out of this bias against the fair gender. The society in general have to weed out the customs which are against woman.

Hindu religion specifically allocates certain tasks to males only. Lighting the pyre of dead bodies is specifically prescribed to males. Though males are emotionally structured for such hard times, but the differentiation is harming social psyche in many ways.

Struggle for existence and males carrying forward the name of the family are other related issues which perpetuate male dominance.

Females are at receiving end in significant percentage of families in india, when it comes to relative attention as compared with male siblings. Male siblings get more attention and care.

In old age,in Indian families, people usually do not prefer to take monetary help from married daughters. It is one of the reasons for preference of male issues. The psyche needs to be properly addressed.

Multi-pronged strategy is required to achieve the desired goals in woman care. First of all, every woman needs to be educated about specific health issues, regarding cervical cancer and pregnancy related information.

Asha workers too need to be informed about these issues. Till date they are being used for accompnying the pregnant ladies to the hospital. They need to be updated in woman related issues.

Road connectivity is next thing which requires a planned effort to connect remote areas. In maternal emergencies connectivity is life saving.

Safe sex is rapidly making its need felt in urban areas. Adolescents education program, school curriculum containing information about factors spreading cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV are must to eradicate ignorance among young girls.

Frequent contacts, regular screening of informative movies in schools, frequent health check ups and regular preventive measures are must on the part of health workers connected with these programs.

Education is best medicine for all these ailments. Above all, corruption which spoils all good programs, need to tackled as prevented rather than cured.

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      I have worked as Additional District Medical Officer ( Family Welfare ) and Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh Orissa during 2005-08 when Maternal Health Services and ASHA were introduced under National Rural Health Mission.Improvement in Maternal care and reduction in Maternal death has been achieved to some extent,but much more remain to be done in this regard.

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