Assault on Doctors, Harms the Society

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It is now common scene by patient’s relatives manhandling doctors. They think that doctors are responsible for the death of patients.

Patient dies of disease. Carelessness by the doctor might have contributed or not. Mere perceptions by the relatives, do not allow any body to take law in their hands and impart punishment to the doctors.

No police action is seen to protect thousands of staff working in the hospital. A VIP will be guarded to the extent that passages are blocked hours before the arrival of the VIP.

Why there should be so much of a difference between two individuals in a democratic country. Doctors can be assaulted by all tom dick and Harry, while VIPs need protection from the public while passing through streets.

Though the assault on doctors and hospital was legislated differently sometimes back, but it does not serve any purpose. It becomes difficult by the doctors to sue relatives who are already aggrieved.

Sometimes media, street smart politicians and  police too comes handy to these people. Politicians are able to garner votes in the name of public sympathy and our politicians would do anything for votes. For media it is a hot selling news. Police too usually have been bribed or are trying to oblige the concerned politician.

Regarding death of a patient, if the attendants are not feeling satisfied, either they should report the matter to senior persons or take their patient to some other center. Taking law in their hands after the mishap only complicates the matter further. They can get the matter investigated.

Doctors are human beings. They learn quickly to act in defensive way. This is a vicious cycle. It will lead to further treatment and executive delays by the doctors. It is not in the interest of society to mistreat doctors or any staff of hospital.

Ultimately nobody is immortal. All serious, terminally ill or even having mild ailments will come to hospitals and doctors. Some of them are going to die because of disease. Doctors are answerable in courts. People can not treat themselves.

Exploiting sentiments of attendants, creating sensation for votes or  trying to increase viewership by instigating violence, is bad for the society and for the concerned politician or media both. Relatives soon realize their follies as it is the truth which ultimately prevails. In long run it leaves a bad image for the involved persons, media and concerned politician. It creates a negative vicious cycle too.

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    Rogi Kalyan Samiti has been constituted for each and every Govt.Hospital under National Rural Health Mission consisting of public representatives and nominated members from general public besides Medical Superintendent,Seniormost doctor and local General administrative head,which is the best forum to deal such cases.The public should not take law into their hands if they feel any negligency by the doctors.For private managed hospitals such commitee may be formed in public-private partnership.

  2. 2

    Dr. Madan Goyal said,

    The assaults are either momentry or pre-planned, but in both cases samiti is likely to act mostly after the assault.
    I think the duty police should be prosecuted for not taking swift action inspite of being informed.
    All impending suspeciouns of assault need immediate attention of seniormost available health, administrative and police officials.
    In case of private hospitals, freinds and police do the same job.

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