Shoot at Sight for "Quota Politics"

India is a strange country. It is the only place in this universe where things move backward. Sun and time are moving in forward direction, but we are vying with each other to find out who is more backward.

Quota is another key word. More backward a person is more quotas he is entitled for.

Merit and backwardness are consistently fighting each other. Backwardness is increasingly being preferred over merit.

What are the criteria for competing in the world? Will Darwin’s theory be re-written as “Survival of the ‘backwardest’ instead of the fittest?”

Suppress the merit campaign or promote quotas for more votes will ultimately pave the way for nation being represented by increasingly backward people. More and more key posts will be occupied by low merit people, which will move the nation to increasingly backwardness.

Lobbying is another related phenomenon in backwardness. More prominent post a person is holding; more is he striving for quotas. They lobby to assert more on backwardness and extract further concessions and reservations.

Meritorious people will either like to get out of the country or may turn to crime. Merit if turned towards criminal activity will be another disaster for the country.

Suppression of merit and promoting backwardness is a vicious cycle. Incompetent people are not able perform up to the mark, adapt to short cuts and results are further disheartening. Nation lags behind as a whole increasing suppression of nation at international level.


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  1. 1

    Backwards in class,caste and tribe in India have reserve quota in educational institutions and employments irrespective of their general merit which definitely affect the quality of the educational qualification they acquire and so also their competency in their performance in posts they occupy.I have personally felt the same during my education and service life.

  2. 2

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    Merit needs to be rewarded.


    Dr. Madan Goyal

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