Transparent and Truthful like a Kid

Everything can not be transparent. But the treatment of corruption is transparency. RTI is a strong tool to fight corruption. It needs to keep its edges sharp if it has to cut on corruption.

The corruption is now being perceived to be perpetuated from top as all compulsions of the top office can not be met in transparent manner.

No doubt, national security is sacrosanct. But there has to be some way to prevent corruption in the name of national security. One fish spoils the whole pond. Corruption begets corruption. When defense deals are allowed to be corrupted, then all ministers are a step ahead in leading corruption. All cabinet is viewed in the same light as common wealth games.

Who wants to eradicate the corruption, is not the question. The billion rupees question is how to get rid of corruption. RTI is a strong armament against corruption. But it can not be absolute.

Cabinet discussions including communication with president of India are important for the nation. These need to be kept secret for some time.

Secrecy Time of a document is another criterion which should be properly dealt with. Every document need to be classified according to its secrecy requirement. Secrecy requirements should be thoroughly discussed in parliament. Its detailed pros and cons recorded. A comprehensive transparent record on time of secrecy of each and every document is must to design a next surgical procedure for the disease of corruption.

India will need to be ruled for ever. Rulers will come and go. But who does what, becomes part of the history. Corruption is very important matter. Respective stands of each party and leader are likely to be their finger print in coming years. Whether a Kalmadi will be an asset to the party or a permanent blot on the cabinet will be decided in next election.

But the steps taken are time bound and time can not be retraced. There is no need to pass on a tarnished image to our next prime minister. Any body who wants to lead the nation in coming years, must take a thoroughly tough and transparent stand and act in a decisive manner. Ambiguity, silence, non-concern or being busy with other affairs may not work. Leader has to act where he is required most.


RTI amendment: Sonia, PM not on same page?


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  1. 1

    Transparency not only need to be practiced in pen and paper,it should be practiced in thought and action too.

  2. 2

    Transparency of thought could be tricky as there may be knotty thoughts in fertile brains.

    Thanks and regards


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