'Innocent smile courtesy Snigdha Panigrahi'.

There were two contradictory roads.

On one I had been walking since quarter of a century. It had weathered, appealed, nourished, and embraced me thoroughly. I enjoy its every moment, encounter scenes, exchanges and experiences.

While walking on same I had a peep on a very busy road, full of so many beautiful people, entirely different to me. It was leading  me towards an entirely new world, new people, different nomenclature, appearances and almost a new planet.

I never walked its roads, was fumbling, trembling, stammering, fearful, slightly overjoyed with new steps and tempted to visit the road again and again.

There was a big problem. All systems were new. All shops, streets, salesmen, customers, articles, utilities and everything were different.

The instrument, which I had been using in one way only, was being molded, torn, reassembled, hardly resembling the original one, but people over here could quickly identify what it is being used for and what it is.

I was feeling like an Alice in Wonderland. New opportunities, new people and new pleasures were beckoning at me every moment in day and in sleep. I was eating, wearing and sleeping new.

Am I kidding? Are you confused? Am I fooling myself? Are you able to see the world I am narrating? Or I am beating about a bush?

Let us talk about stare. One of the doyens of this new world was telling me that an electric fan is staring at her. In my old world, I would prompt her to talk more, what else is staring at you? Are you happy with the stare, are you enjoying it and so on. I would tell her, don’t bother. You see , there are no eyes with this fan. How can it stare you? You are perfectly fine. Take this tablet and you will be alright.

But the doyen told me. Look dear kiddy, it is something to be enjoyed. Imagine stare in your thoughts, go in dreams and think entirely a new imagination. Words and not the scalpel are the tools here. The world is a mixture of imagination and fantasy created out of usual things. Pleasure is all yours. Distribute it in tons if  you have it.

A surgeon in me was learning the new language of a poet’s world. Very pleasant and no spending! Visit a new world right in your bed of course with your own ‘every day new wife’

The kid in me is Dr. M C. Panda’ s grand-daughter and the new world belongs to Kavita ( How I write is mine, How you read is yours, One Night Stand


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  1. 1

    Whenever I look to the face of my little grand daughter, I feel ‘Innocence is bliss’.On writing articles in poetic style,I feel I am moody,emotional and a bit philosophical.

  2. 2

    Sara is really very cute and lovely girl. Since she has shown the talent of learning yoga at such an tender age, she is very intelligent too. Viewer ship of today is more than routine, courtesy Sara only. It is her innocent smile which is star attraction today.

    God bless her with all the success and happiness in life.
    Have a nice evening with Sara.
    Dr. Madan Goyal

  3. 3

    Sara is the nick name of Snigdha Panigrahi.

  4. 4

    Kavita said,

    Thank you so much for partly dedicating this post to me… I am deeply touched (no pun intended, especially considering that you are a surgeon)! 😉
    But really, I am thrilled at being mentioned in your post.. my sincerest thanks!
    The little kid in the picture is absolutely delightful and naughty too :)!! And since you have mentioned about the child in you, I have to direct you to this poem I had written about 2-3 weeks back… Hope you enjoy it…

    Have a great week ahead! (smiles)

    • 5

      Yes you did it again
      “Writing” it is a gain

      Go through the latest
      You will find the best

      Created it when in thought
      writing reply has it brought

      It is partly about my wife
      Enjoying togeather in life

      We do it for a service and pleasure
      It can be done at our will n leasure

      Enjoy the great art
      Since u gave a start

      Marvelous is the job
      So is universal throab

      See what by you has been done
      A kid changed to surgeon undone

      First of my inventions
      Read the

  5. 6

    I read the poem linked by you right at my first incursion of your site. It thrilled me a lot.

    I am enjoying the kidding phase in my life.

    Thanks for reading and adding your valuable comments.

    Spellings are a usual casualty with people like doctors, who prefer to mention words enough only to be understood by chemists.

    Proof reading the prescription is another usual omission. While getting in to the habit of writing with scalpel. Proof reading is not permitted, in that art.

    Spellings too are worlds apart.

    It appears that it has given me a new title to tinker with.

    Thanks for the lead oblige me with next visit in a day or two.

    Have a nice ‘touch on heart besides the speck on cheek’

    Dr. Madan Goyal

  6. 7

    tolbert said,

    I found you through Kavita and I am so glad I did!

    I love the childlike qualities in this:

    “I was feeling like an Alice in Wonderland. New opportunities, new people and new pleasures were beckoning at me every moment in day and in sleep. I was eating, wearing and sleeping new.”

    And this is so exciting for me! I see you emerging new, a butterfly struggling from it’s cocoon…write and write some more, you will know the
    new language found in the poet’s world!

    Go for it! …”A surgeon in me was learning the new language of a poet’s world. Very pleasant and no spending!”

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