Might Is Right

You must be confused about the title. What is this person having for us? What can be written about writing, which has not been written till date? 

Language is thousands of years old. It is very well-known world over. It is being consistently updated, taught and written. Lot of text is written daily by lot many people. It is significantly uniform. Most of the people write in same language, spellings, punctuation and words too are mostly consistent across the countries.

 Language is very strange. It is constituted of lines and dots. The lines vary in direction, length and depth. The depth is the word, you have rightly read. Even the pressure on the writing pen, its tangential direction and other such variations change its meaning.

 Colors are also significant. Sometimes the colors are light, dark, of different intensity and hues. Sometimes the color of canvas also matters. Some are preferred, while others are rejected. There is a lot of variety of canvasses, ranging from very cheap to costlier ones. Size of the canvass also varies from small to larger ones.

 There are good writers and bad ones, trained and novice, shabby and meticulous, young and old, students and professors. One may write single-handedly or in groups.

 There are more than one type of pens, brushes, scavengers, stickers and adhesives.

Words, sentences, paragraphs, pages and grammar too are reasonably defined.

 Spelling errors are there, which may or may not be rectifiable. The material to be written is also predefined but highly uncertain, as are the canvasses. Sometimes whole of text needs to be re written. Proof reading is usually not possible. Auditing and editing are allowed sometimes.

 Writers work silently except a few gestures here and there and a few words uttered. Eyes and hands convey the massage and do the job. Writers are wrapped around mouth,nose and their bodies.

 Writers take the role of investigators, prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges and executives. All are in one and trials are finished on the spot. Judgements are declared and executed in court itself. Poor canvases! some of these are beutified, rectified; while some others are hanged.

 You may have to get it written if you are negligent. Even if you do some excesses, you may have to suffer it. Accidents are the common cause of it. You may like it or not, if you are dirty at heart, you are bound to cross it.

 Sometimes simple mistakes likes being spicy, excessive, drinking, interested in genesis, will make you have a taste of it.

 Nature is another culprit. Sometimes in natural calamities, even if you are not at fault at all, you may have to suffer it. Sometimes it serves a good make up or blesses you with your new creations. Actors sometimes get it done for delight, though it is one of the dreaded things in life.

 While writing this, one is faced with sprouts, burns, excision, removals and scars. The scars may be dirty and may need revisions.

Yes! My dear this art is one of great arts of man, by the man and for the man, called Surgery.


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  1. 1

    In one sentence I will write:Surgery is the art and science of medicine.

    • 2

      Yes you did it again
      “Writing” it is a gain

      Go through the latest
      You will find the best

      Created it when in thought
      writing reply has it brought

      It is partly about my wife
      Enjoying togeather in life

      We do it for a service and pleasure
      It can be done at our will n leasure

      Enjoy the great art
      Since u gave a start

      Marvelous is the job
      So is universal throab

      See what by you has been done
      A kid changed to surgeon undone

      Thanks Dr. Panda
      Dr. Madan Goyal

  2. 3

    Kavita said,

    If ideas are the body of a writer, then language is the spirit…
    It’s a very insightful and educational read, Doctor… I am very happy you appreciate this art as well.

    I loved the last 2 lines of your poem-reply here… 🙂
    They conveyed a lot!!!!

    My best wishes to you and your dear wife for the amazing service you do!

    • 4

      Switching from scientific to poetic thought process is sometimes like changing channels on TV.

      It took me some time before I could understand, “If ideas are body of writer then language is spirit…” First I took it as if you have misunderstood the article; there language was being written on body of patients in the form of surgery.

      In fact first thing surgeons are taught is, to forget emotions while being surgeon. Being involved in surgery for so long, emotions are the biggest casualty.

      Most of the times, we get to encounter wrong side of emotions, when patients unnecessarily trouble themselves by the emotions.

      It is here that poetry has come as torch bearer to me. Ideas, language, related imaginations and fantasy lead us to peak of happiness and enjoyment. In fact it is this new learning which has been invented by me while reading your poetry.

      It is entirely new world to live in pleasant imaginations, fantasies and to be able to create those pleasures in the readers is really superb. It is moving to next stage of happiness, that is ecstasy.

      Thank you very much.

      I am not yet conversant with chatting writing style.

      Have a great weak end, fingers in hair, looks and increasing…….

      Dr. Madan Goyal

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