Every Flower needs Attention

India needs multi-pronged strategy to speed up development.

Infrastructure and connectivity should reach the remotest area of the country. Remote dwelling units should preferably be located at easily connected places. FDI should be allowed in infrastructure.

Population control measures, promoting people to reduce birth rates needs next urgent attention. Third place goes to deeper penetration of education. Illiteracy and ignorance are cause for significant backwardness of the country. Internationally competitive training standards are needed.

Defense area needs next attention. Borders should be properly guarded. Infiltration and anti-terrorist measures are urgent. Job creation, better employability should not lag behind the population growth and manpower availability.

Corruption at every level needs stronger measures. Vote bank politics and democratic processes are fueling corruption. The system needs rethinking otherwise everything is swallowed by the corrupt persons leaving common man to suffer. Transparency, accountability and punishment of the guilty in time will help in reducing corruption.

Health, economy, judicial reforms, trade and commodity availability are urgent needs of common man. Caste based quota system eradication, supporting the economically weak and care of the old and handicapped need not be forgotten. Rejuvenating the administration, taking care of every lacuna, breaking politician criminal nexus will boost the above needed steps. Every thing needs attention. All deficiencies manifest as problems in some way or another. Accountability of people and their representatives need strengthening. Controls should be implemented honestly.


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    I would like to recommend Yoga and Spirituality for my fellow Senior Citizens of India to lead a better way of living by physical and mental development.

  2. 2

    Yoga and spirituality is the answer to lot of problems afflicting people in old age.

    Spirituality changes attitude of person towards personal peace. Mental peace and its resultant benefit can not be over-emphasized in old age.

    Since all the organs, especially cardiovascular system, are sometimes working at borderline capacity, it is very important to avoid unnecessary strains to the system.

    Yoga and spirituality is best life style change at that age. Avoidable mental tension, additional physical exercise, achievement related thought process, happiness of being in harmony with God and resultant physical benefits; will add tremendous help in preventing lot of diseases in our senior citizens.

    Marvelous job! …….. Carry on Dr. Panda

    Many thanks for the visit, reply and valuable comments.

    Dr. Madan Goyal

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