Criminal and Clean

Beware Desert Ahead

When there are so many people running to win, only one will win. Others will settle for different positions. The persons, who could not win physically, may not accept defeat mentally. Same is true of the race; called life. Everybody is trying his best. But everybody has to settle for his position, according to social norms.

Those in power should see that defeated persons are not turned to crime. But crime has such a wide-spread presence, that it becomes difficult to separate crime from routine activity, now-a-days. 

The politicians bribe the voters; distribute money for rallies and public gatherings, alcohol and other freebies are openly distributed. The person, who gains power, eats certain percentage of budget at his disposal. Bribes are taken depending on their nuisance capacity or distribute favors. Majority, if not all, of politicians, bureaucrats, officers, employees of government are corrupt. There is significant corruption at the level of traders, voters or any other nomenclature one can think of. 

When almost every body is corrupt in one way or the other, then how can crime be left behind. The police commit crimes of different nature on public; while criminal too, do the same, but in a different way. Think of any profession, we can quote innumerable examples of different crimes exposed. 

Whosoever is caught and proved in the court is criminal. But this is very miniscule of the actual offenders. In fact crime has become a way of life. Only clean persons these days, being a little harsh about them, are the people who do not have the capacity to commit crime. Of course, there must be people around, who are clean by choice. But probably these can be counted on fingers. But a better public statement would be to say that ‘everybody is clean unless proved otherwise.’ In this way we will have a clean society because no body is easily proved criminal these days. 

In this situation what should we think of terrorists, agitating persons in Kashmir, Maoists or other militant outfits? Should they be dealt with bullets or there should be some better way to deal with them. Are the rulers, who are in power today are doing justice to the society. Are the governments not creating situations where the criminals are being forced to choose, what they are doing? 

How should we modify the existing set ups to end the situation? Is Mamta openly taking the support of criminals and terrorist groups repeating the same often repeated story? Should she be a part of central cabinet? 

No politician can openly afford the crutches of criminals. But the difference between criminal and clean is increasingly getting blurred.


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  1. 1

    The opposite of criminal is non-criminal and that of clean is unclean.A non-criminal may not be clean;but a clean person must necessarily be non-criminal.That`s the way of our social life;what I understand.

  2. 2

    You are very right Dr. Panda.

    I chose the two words at two end of spectrum.

    You have rightly formed four categaries

    Clean, unclean, non-criminal and criminal.

    There are lot of shades in between.

    These days the differentiations are increasingly getting blurred.

    Since you are elder and more experienced, your wisdom compliments the blog.

    Thanks and my love to Sara.

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