Beware of Manipulated Studies

Vigilant Eye, Open Mind Must To Surf a Study

Institutions, nations or the persons who fund the so-called studies or research has a big bearing on the credibility of the inferences brought out of it. No study will be publicized which has something to say against the funding institution. Sometimes the study material is so modified to distort the inferences to state a favorable conclusion.  

Take the case of so named bug called NDM-1 named after Indian Capital New Delhi. There are trillions of species of bacteria and viruses in this universe. It is next to impossible to trace the city of origin of any of these. To name a bug after some city is a clear dirty politics and spoils the name all the pharmaceutical companies and European Union involved in this forged document. The research journall, which published this document, is also guilty of politicization.  

If we start tracing the origins of each bacteria and virus to various cities and nations, we will exhaust all assets on this earth, but will not be successfully able to do it. Secondly there are trillions of organisms in this universe while only few hundred nations and cities. The exercise of naming the organisms, especially the problem creators, after nations and cities is a sort of mud-slinging, a type of abuse and hence need to be criticized and better avoided.  

This also makes few more conclusions note worthy. Funding bodies have a significant impact on the outcome of studies. The results need to be scrutinized with the funding institutions’ interests. All studies must first carry the name of funding institution’s name and their business interests as a matter of statutory requirement. These should be publicized prominently with the results. The inferences must also be clearly be discussed in comparison to the vested interest.  

The amplifying persons, publications especially news papers and internet recordings, must also see that content of the material and their inferences, conclusions and amplifications; do not in any way mislead the readers. Blindly reporting a study to create an attractive title and to increase number of views and readers may in fact be doing harm to the readers and societies.  

Many of the studies are relevant for the country in which these are done, but carry no bearing to many other countries and cultures. Blindly following these studies is again likely to be detrimental to the society.  

Purpose of many studies and publications is, many a times, publicity only. The readers should also be careful about the designs of material written under the pretext of research.


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  1. 1

    In my 36 years experience of medical practice from 1972 to 2008,I have observed many a times that the medical representatives introduce the new drugs to the physician trying to convince by favourable studies and publications funded by their own company.But I always acted on my own decision and discrimination.

  2. 2

    I also have similar feeling.

    Naming the Bug NDM1 is height of corruption in research.

    I usually prefer to properly search before accepting a medicine at my pen.

    Thanks for sharing a similar practical experience.

    Regds and Love to sara

    Dr. Madan Goyal

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