Write about some thought

                                               People to enjoy the plot 

                                                  Allow them imagine meanings

                                                                           No bother about spellings

                                                            Interpretable in many ways

                                          All naughty imaginative plays

                                           Funny new situations

                               Sarcastic but pleasant

                                          About current affairs

                                                       Be free about affairs

                                                                           Diverse situations 

                                                                                    Wild  imaginations

                                                                         Articulation of words 

                                                         No crossing swords

                                      Create some fantasy

                        Be free to make senti

                                Appeal max readers

                                           Preferably the creators

                                                                    Not being vulgar

                                                                                  Can use vinegar

                                       Create an urge about creations

                             Any thing, but about situations

                     Nice crispy minimum words 

      Freely talk about Lord or lords

                                     May have some rhyme 

                                                            No committing crime

                                                                        Not doing any harm  

                                                                                Do create unique charm


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  1. 1

    *Be it Anusuya,Shanti or Annapurna in person or abstract;
    Expressed or understood in pleasure by poet or reader.
    *Abstract from my poem ‘Manasi’

  2. 2

    What great names for your date

    Charming, deep and affectionate

    Being devotional in love too

    Enjoying being glued to her hue


    Lot of love to you from your wife

    Dr. Madan Goyal

  3. 3

    Jingle said,

    lovely poem!

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