Different gods


Child is Real God

As far I have understood religion and spirituality, it is the belief system of our brain, which is important. 

It is the faith in some supernatural power, which gives us peace as we can depend on some power to help us out of our problems and satisfy our desires.

Different cultures, circumstances and environments necessitated different stories, heroes and gods to generate examples of widespread service, administration, law and order improvements or some thought process, which in later times came to be regarded as universal truth, power, wisdom, glory or God. 

All requirements of this universal population of human beings can not be satisfied by a few examples of gods or thoughts. Basic truths are same in all stories, religions, countries and cultures. Variations stem from the stories of actual life happenings of a particular character. The stories and memories of these unusual persons, when mixed with thinking of public and their spiritual faiths turn out in various forms to be recognized as a new God. 

Ultimately it is this faith which drives us from selfish motives to service above self. It is the emotional bonding or affection of mother, which drives her to do all service to her infant, which no other person in this world can duplicate. Similarly only a spiritually motivated person can rise above selfish interests and do service for service sake. It is here that teachings of Gita become relevant. 

Different problems were solved by different persons in their unique way. These turned out to be gods in their sphere of problem to set an example for the people to follow. The stories and examples related to that god are the foundations of peace and relaxation in his followers mind. A central or universal answer to all requirements of past, present and future is the God Almighty. Hence we should have faith, since faith is central to all benefits that will flow to us. This faith is the root of all positive drive that is sustaining this earth.

This piece is a comment to another article by Dr.  M C Panda



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    Dear Dr.Goyal,
    Thank you for posting your spiritual comment in my article ‘Arati of Shirdi Sai in Dham, Mandir and Ashrams’ in Yoga and Spirituality and at the same time publishing the comment as an article titled ‘Different gods’ in your blog.
    God bless you.
    With Best Wishes.

    • 2

      Dr. Madan Goyal said,

      It was a spontaneous expression of thoughts.

      It appeared some what requiring views of readers on the content, hence was posted here too for further discussion.

      Hope it starts a different chain of thought.

      Thanks for reading it all over again

      Lot of love to Sara, I miss her a lot

      Dr. Madan goyal

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