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Looking for happiness in this world. Best way is to compare and enjoy life. See the eyes of the boy in photograph, who is enjoying some other scene, while the lady wants his attention somewhere else. Center of enjoyment of these two persons, speaks a lot. It is a good scene to be compare the interests of two genders and it is amusing too.

As per a news report in Times of india today, part of which is, “a pregnant woman in UP has only 1 in 42 chances of survival during and immediately after pregnancy as compared to 1 in 500 for her counterparts in Kerala”.

Health scene is undoubtedly bad in UP, but definitely can nowhere in this world, be as bad as projected to be, in this report. Though there appears to be some reporting error, but I was amused at the fact that present status is far better. 


Comparisons are the most useful and funniest things in this world. If we want to talk of doing progress, setting targets for ourselves or want to analyze, than comparisons are the best answers. But these are a great source of amusement too.

In another comparison, India was placed 78th in best countries’ list. Though methods of study were not clear, but India definitely has more happy people than many of the countries placed above it. Best strategy is to compare a few parameters and make your readers happy.

According to another report ‘a lady slept with twenty persons in her effort to get pregnant, in England.’  Which is a bad scene? UP or England? In India nobody has yet been reported to do that for getting pregnant. Unmarried mother is another frequent scene in west.

Organisms are being produced in this world according to natural laws. The organisms react with their environment, live life and get back to the constituents, they were made of. In between they leave many comparisons of sorts. Why should we bother and compare the lives of so many people taking birth and dying.

Take another life still on this earth. One of the presidents of a very powerful nation was tried for getting perverse sexual pleasures from an intern in office.

Similarly we can find so much money in India to loot that “Kalmadies” can win largest numbers of Nobel prizes for India.

So which is poor country?  In which a president needs intern for perversions or in which there are maximum number of ‘Potential Nobel Prize winners?’

Then compare two persons:

A person who has responsibility of a country on his shoulders, has to think, execute, contest, bear so much criticism in press or otherwise, face the media persons, win or lose the highest office of his country and 

a person living a happy retired life, playing with children. 

Though everybody has to do the job coming his way, but comparisons are a great source of inspiration as well as amusement too. 

  • ‘UP riskiest place for women to give birth’
  • India at 78th spot on Newsweek’s best country list
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    1. 1

      Compare freedom & discipline:
      People, who are free, regret that they do not have discipline. People who are disciplined look for the end of it because discipline is not an end in itself, it is a means. Discipline protects freedom.Hence one should make freedom disciplined.

      • 2

        Very right Dr. Panda. Disciplined freedom is best way to enjoy.
        Photogrphs Dada and Sara is marvelous.
        I shall find some suitable words and post it.
        Thanks for sharing

        Dr. Madan Goyal

    2. 3

      xbox game said,

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