Sky is limit for dreams


                          Enjoying in great dreams

                          On clouds, in the streams

                          Beautiful world of poems

                          Has created lot of charms

                          Flying hot like the vapors                   

                           Jolly, pleasant  ‘n swapers

                          Car n pet together plying

                          Soothing n home spying

                          Peeping the naughty scenes

                           People of ages and in teens

                           Playing with kids

                           Enjoying the skids

                           Examinations missed

                           Better people  kissed

                           Sometimes frightening

                           Rare muscles tightening

                           Top of world supreme ideas

                           Plays of ego, hurt  ‘n  prides

                           Uncontrolled emotions

                           Vivid strange situations

                           Dirty and pleasant are the scenes alike

                           Woken up from dreams by a mood spike


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  1. 1

    No need to run and hide;
    It`s wonderful,wonderful life;
    Wonderful, wonderful,wonderful life.

    • 2

      Thanks Dr. Panda for a nice lesson from ever pleasing Sara;

      My thoughts were intrupted by a surgery and were completed today.

      Good Morning by Sara was found fit to awaken from dreams.

      Photographer added flavor by merging flowers on your face, conveying the massage of Happiness and grace.

      Lot of love…………..

  2. 3

    Kavita said,

    Dreams have a way of taking us to a large variety of places!
    Well written, doctor..
    Enjoyed the read…

    • 4

      I have started enjoying this new way of speaking in few words and creating pleasant thoughts.

      Thanks for the encouragement.

      Poems are really a fantastic therapy for leasure time.

      Thanks Kavita for opening a new world.

      I still enjoy your ‘pecks on cheeks’

      Have a nice weekend

  3. 5

    Jingle said,

    great and remarkable dreams.
    lovely image,
    beautiful spirits…

    Happy Weekend!

    • 6

      I am primarily a surgeon.

      It was an occassional surfing which created a curiosity for reading & writting in this style.

      Thanks very much Jingle for the appreciation.

      Enjoyed the photographs of twins very much.

      Enjoy pleasant smiles of kids and a nice weekend

  4. 7

    Jingle said,

    Thanks for linking…
    Best regards for your day.


  5. 9

    You threw me for a loop with the use of “n” for and lol. I guess twitter and texting will forever change our writes, now even poetry. I am not sure how I feel about that yet though lol
    Apart from that distraction, really nice work as usual Dr. 🙂 Happy potluck!


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