Youthful Happiness










Life is just for enjoying

Be it learning or toying

                 Great, are the ways of  life

                 Some pleasant, full of pride

Childhood wants to grow fast

Elders want their youth to last

                Girls’ jealous boys’ freedom

                 Boys after feminine fiefdom

Seniors complimenting kids lie

Kids reviving them back in life

                 Center of happiness in brain is one

                  Stimuli various converging heaven

Ways to pleasure are lot plenty

Not doing works making guilty

                  Some are focused, others act broad

                  Toddling, walking, running the road

Spread the joy, alleviate pain

That is in world the only gain


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  1. 1

    Infancy,childhood,adolescence,adulthood,seniorcitizenship all you need;
    ‘I have done my best’;that is about all the philosophy of living one need.

  2. 2

    What you did was for yourself and ur children
    Sara wants your best innings played with her
    Keep the jeal till last moments
    Memory is fresh for the recents
    Joy is feeling from acts, the pleasant ones
    Those are foundations of Sara’s future tones
    We will live in our grand children too
    Live the present, as it will not re-do

  3. 3

    You are right.
    I am really enjoying the joy of kidship in my grand daughter Sara,which I could not do with my children due to genuine lack of time during my professional and public life.

  4. 4

    Kavita said,

    Very nicely done, doctor…
    you have captured the various essence of life quite beautifully!!!

  5. 6

    fiveloaf said,

    your best madan ehem doc! thanks for coming over..

  6. 8

    hope hayduk said,

    enjoyed your thought provoking write.
    ‘spread the joy, alleviate pain
    that is in world the only gain’

    thank you

  7. 10

    Jingle said,

    Glad to smile here.


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