Religion and Science




Aims of religion and science are different, but partly common. While science is evidence based analysis of the life and objects; the religion aims at guiding the humanity to universal good and brotherhood. 

Basic difference between the two is in objectives and methodology. Science is limited knowledge, but factual at any given moment of time. Religion on the other hand, may be factual or otherwise, but aims to convince and guide the humanity to a positive goal. Since the aims and problems are different; so are the prescriptions. 

Both have their relevance to this universe. Both are vital and continuously changing. Changes too are different in modes in both. While all aspects of science are continuously being researched and updated, religion is based on faith and hence has its roots in emotions. Since faith is partly based on emotions, it may not be always scientifically appropriate. Religious beliefs are started in family, at childhood age and strengthened throughout life. These are difficult to change even with logic.   

Though most of the religious preachers may not always be able to keep up with emerging scientific truths, but practices and preferences of people over the years get changed according to changing times. 

Certain beliefs, like existence of God, which may not be having any scientific basis, but are essential ingredient of religion, keep on perpetuated in human mind through generations. 

So are many other associated religious practices associated with different religions, which perpetuate simply because these were initiated by some founder and are still relevant or at least not harmful. 

Both continue to serve, science as founder of facts and religion as a coordinator between mind, body, spirit, self, society, nation and universe. But religions must not fight each other. Basically all religions are alike and want people to work for over all benefit of the society. 

The article is comment to  A Contemporary Religion


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    Recently I have procured a book ‘Bridging Science and Spirituality’ co-edited by faculties of IIT Guwahati,MNNIT Allahabad and IIT Kharagpur in collaboration with Bhaktivedanta Institute Kolkata.After thorough reading I am likely to publish an article over the subject in Yoga and Spirituality in coming months.

  2. 3

    I’ve had enough of religion. People burning each other is not faith…what is pure has been made impure.

    I wish parents can teach “Humanity” rather than rules of religion.

    If only we can have more faith in our fellow humans we would understand god’s purpose!

    Science tends to make you more liberal and act like a human while religion cuts the shackles of free thought. Science never caused genocides.

    I don’t know…..anything

    Just that I will never do something wrong in the name of my religion. (Sorry If I seem to rant…Your post reminded of our present day realities)

    • 4

      Dear Keshav
      Thanks for devoting time on the article.

      We are supposed to know religion not for others, but for our own benefit.

      Do not be misguided by the preachers of religion who have a vested interest. That is not the purpose of article.

      It is a scientific exercise to help human beings, but before it can help, one has to understand it nicely.

      Faith in God (of any religion) helps in calming down our emotions, provides a cover to our burden of responsibilities, helps us in uniting for a purpose, provides a sense of belonging and many other benefits accrue by having a religious faith in God.

      When we are mentally at rest, positive hormones are released in our body, while tense brain secretes negative hormones.

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