Being Attractive – Role of Hormones


Attraction of our body to other gender is partly dependent on certain chemicals in our body. These lead on to certain fragrance in our breath because of pheromones. Our thinking also is partly because of these hormones.

 What are these hormones? Hormones are chemicals formed in our body. There are many types of hormones. Females and males have some different hormones. These play a role in making our body attractive to opposite gender.

 Why should we know about hormones? This knowledge will help you in becoming more attractive and sexy. Not only that you become more attractive by having better hormone levels, but also that we are getting trapped in lot of problems because of lack of knowledge about their role.

 Males are males partly because of Testosterone. Good levels of testosterone are essential for making you males, healthy, attractive, muscular, bony and properly potent. Yes boys! I have written ‘making you males’ because levels of testosterone in our body are important at every stage of our life, even when we are developing in our mothers’ body. 

The hormones related with gender related functions are called sex hormones. Sex hormones are the centre of strength of our body. They play a role in building muscles and bone strength in both genders. Testosterone helps in making males having better masculine characters. 

Females have more complex hormones to make them feminist. There are four hormones in females: – Estrogen, Progesterone, FSH and LH. Each of these helps in performing complex functions in our body. But we must remember that any derangement in levels of these hormones may make us less attractive, less fertile and less feminine. There is a phenomenon in females similar to potency in males. It can not be stressed more, that it is very essential to have proper levels of these hormones in our body.

 What can be done to perform better as males and females?

Many of the actions are common to both.


Stress harms both genders, especially girls in many ways including their feminine potentials. But problem is that stress is more common in females. This can lead to a group of diseases called polycystic ovarian syndrome (also PCOS) in girls. This is defective egg formation and is a common cause of  infertility.


Physical exercise is very important in keeping proper levels of hormones in our body. It not only keeps you healthy, mentally and physically efficient, but also essential in making us attractive.


Dietary habit is another very important balance which makes or mars our life. We must know in detail about diet to keep ourselves attractive. 


Body mass is another sphere of knowledge and alertness required to keep us attractive. This is calculation of our weight according to our height and physique. It is also about being more muscular or fatty.


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    I would like to discuss the role of hormones in stress:
    The endocrine gland which is chiefly involved in adaption to stress is the adrenal gland.The endocrine gland secretes highly potent chemical called hormones.The two adrenal glands are situated as caps on top of the two kidneys.The adrenal medulla (the central portion) secretes adrenalin and nor-adrenalin; the adrenal cortex(the outer layer) secretes the corticosteroid hormones.The release of coticosteroids is under the control of ACTH (adreno-corticotrophic-hormone) secreted by the pituitary gland which also controls the secretions by the sex glands (ovary and testis).

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