Bottle or breast

Quenching thirst

Love is actual deep desire

 It is blessing, not for hire

Target is a stomach flatter

Hands or feet, does it matter?

God is present everywhere

Form of which is never clear

Necessity is mother of invention

Mother’s milk was real intention

Feed and growth are interdependent

It is in the genes, needn’t be student

Blessed are those who get mother’s care

 Living without her lap is actually a dare


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  1. 1

    Mother`s milk is best for infant,
    It provides both food and nutrient.

  2. 2

    Thanks Dr. Panda

    Importance of mother is infact manyfold.

    It spreads from providing nutrition to being a God or at least a living form of God.

    Whenever I am in difficulty, three faces strike me:- my mother, my father and my surgery teacher.

    They have influenced my mind the most.

    Answers to various situations, come from interactions and related memory of similar situations answered by them.

  3. 3

    The Vedic scriptures say:
    “Matr devo bhava.”
    “Pitr devo bhava.”
    “Acharya devo bhava.”
    Honour your mother, father and guru as God.

  4. 4

    Jingle said,

    super cute one..
    your talent soars on this piece.

  5. 5

    Jingle said,


    welcome to Poets Rally week 30,
    let me know if you have a poem ready,
    do nothing otherwise.
    Thanks for the support.

    • 6

      Thanks Ji for the invitation & information.
      I am primarily a practicing surgeon & spend some available time at leisure.
      I may not be able to abide by the rules of poets’ world.
      Thanks for considering me worthy of poetry.

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