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Strong Will

Will of a person is unique in nature

Depends on many issues in creature

              Normal persons too, depend on mood

             Mood is complex, be nicely understood

Dependent on chemical called serotonin

Balanced levels must, to prevent rotting

            Manic depressive psychosis is a disease

            Will and mood vary, never them tease

Moods sometimes high, sometimes low

Difficult life, varies between fast or slow

              Look for the happier side of life, always

             Sad choices avoided, many are the ways

Strong will or determination is a habit

Need to built from childhood bit by bit

             Emotions and logic are function of brain

             There seat is different, one need to train

Emotions help us to enjoy and feel

These are also part of person’s zeal

            Logic is placed upper in our mind

            Emotions drive us, be peaceful kind

Company of a partner be respected

Need to be rational while selected

              Proper choices, actions and care

              Be on top of world and a player



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What is our duty in life, I wondered

Could not decide, a lot I pondered

             Babies are born in situations widely apart

             Many become adults, though miles depart

Simplest acts, but are easy to perform

Duty is a routine, done daily, no harm

              Rare difficult acts done,  too are facts

              Life is made of little smiles, kind acts

Some are fighters, duty bound, to injure others

Doctors taught, treat people, whatever colors

            Butchers kill animal to be served in diet

           Non vegetarian diet, served with delight

Greatest the difficulty, greatest is duty

Acts done with a sense are life’s beauty

          Great sacrifices are rare but require courage

          Sometimes are the only ways, no discourage

The act should help people on this earth fully

Duty is what we have learnt, done harmlessly

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Smile dear friends does not cost a thing

Only your mood does need a few wings

More muscles needed in act of frowning

A fewer ones required for simple smiling

Our mind also helps by positive massages

Body in growth mode, eat any of sausages

You can lose nothing as nothing is yours

So keep smiling even in difficulties direst

Better life, health, and company of course

The best life on earth in the smiling course

We don’t bring anything when enter the world

We have to leave as such from the earthly guild

Whatever is happening is good, God once said

In past, present or future; names of time spread

Listen to the video; it is the summary of Gita

Nothing better said then Krishan in Mahabharta

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Eyes are window of our soul

Agreed but, where is the soul

          Eyes are part of expression on face

          But for the actors’ depiction on face

Eyes are ocean, once submersed

Unlikely come out non- impressed

            Eyes are deceitful, can be cheated

            Beware of the bait, so well created

Eyes are your unwritten invitation

Think carefully before submission

           Eyes can be naughty, enjoy in them

           We reciprocate, is national anthem

Eyes can meet, exchange information

Speed is volcanic, rapid transmission

           Eyes read and convey at same sparker

           Nothing is left for the shrewd master

Eyes can be dull, sleepy and mystifying

Shining bright, & perfectly mesmerizing

        Eyes are innocent, care them nicely

        You have a duty to preserve pricey

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Man and Woman

Beast and ugly too are creations of God
They are so because of XY chromosome

            Required by nature, to be beastly in stature
            Eyes of beholder make them strange creature

But what is created by God, something unique
Though look ugly, they too are living technique

            Ugly and beautiful are simple words by human
           God though, is marvelous in His every creation

Fishes are lucky that they have beasts in world
They have marriageable stuff, could be mould

            Strength and soft are needs of the both gender
           Smart and beautiful, are they tough and tender

Creation stirred by

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Mother’s Love


Love in mother, for her child, so beautiful

Incomparably great, in her, it is bountiful

             The bond presents the greatness of a mother

              Something beyond the feel & reach of a father

Great are the souls which are born as females

Happy, that this job not  assigned for males

             Males would have meshed up the fine feelings 

             Infant and mother are God’s perfect dealings

Sunrise could be personal, was never thought

The description is perfect in mother’s thought  

             Innocence of infant so secure with mother

            Overjoyed by creation of God & love in her 

Medically speaking a function of hormones

Some of the role played by feminine organs  

             Initially there were no differentiation

             Both were alike in primitive sensation

Humans have evolved after a long evolution

Enjoy it thoroughly, God’s fantastic solution.

The thoughts were provoked while reading   

 ‘ My Personal Sunrise’

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Being a science student injoying poetry,

You matter a lot to

What matters in body,

Though it is a different matter that

Matter you put in your writing

Is one of real matters

Other matter is that reading you

Is really great matter

Simple matters are discussed often

You talk about complicated matter

Mother receiving father

Is such a usual matter

Genius are those

Who present usual things

In unusual matter.

This is comment to

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