Looking beyond the scene

                                                     Prompt courtsy Eric

Blue color is the color of sky

Can make one’s thoughts fly

          Ice is a form of water, is vast like sea

          Difficult to limit vision, mind can see  

One can see shapes, animal, or nature

Depends partly on the person’s stature

        Your eyes see what your mind knows

        Was one of lessons learnt, it still glows

Being philosophical and imaginative

Partly it is really being some creative

       Creation is a function of brain & muscles

       Physical work equally spares some tussles

What is this? Once asked my anatomy teacher

My prompt reply was, it is bone, Left Femur sir

       Stupid! Was the remark, for the right rejoinder

       Don’t vomit, all you know in your first answer

Thoughts are like grains of sand on the earth

The difference may be in assessing their worth

        Description of a picture would vary too with people

        Moments, brains & contents of thoughts, for example


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  1. 1

    The infinite library of the universe is in your mind–Swami Vivekananda.

  2. 3

    Nelly Ulima said,

    I look forward to the esemplastic power of your unique writings…stop by anytime. Beautiful photo as well…

  3. 5

    Ah. Seeing beyond the obvious.

    • 6

      It is poetic trait to imagine, fantasize & leave the mind free to roam around.
      Poets can imagine anything, anywhere & in any situation.

      Thanks for the visit, Have a great day

  4. 7

    Eric said,

    What a great response to my photo prompt! Well done, Doc!

    (I just might make that a weekly feature after all!)

  5. 9

    Jingle said,

    this is super cute…
    love your blue sky poem!

  6. 10

    Thanks Ji that you loved it.

  7. 11

    Jingle said,


    please help pay a visit to riika and leo today to wish them well..
    Thanks a ton.
    u rock!
    Happy Monday!
    hope to See you at potluck today.

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