Laugh out Evils

Seven sins, I was asked to write upon

Have no idea about, how these dawn

                        Sin is an act, that harms humanity

                        Why seven, these can be in plenty

Desire is one, which vary with people

Same is true of ways, adopted to fulfill

                        Harmful are ways which harm others

                        Hence it is one, labeled sin by sobers

Anger too, is an extremely sinful emotion

Blurs logic, leads man to impulsive action

                      It destroys the brain, like the acid in vessel

                       Second sin, better be overcome by people

Greed, is one of the adjectives, chosen

More then appropriate, is its definition

                       Remaining appropriate, is very essential

                      Otherwise, society gets harm substantial

Excess of love is undoubtedly wrong

Be truely fair and impartial, all along

                       Arrogance is a thought, needs tempering

                      Can ignore right advice, creates hampering

Numbers are given to help them remember

Many can be added if one wants to ponder

                        Written on Dushehra, the Indian festival

                       Celebrated for victory of good over evil

Basic is one, don’t harm, only help

Live properly and be happy in scalp


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  1. 1

    Eventual triumph of good over evil,of knowledge over ignorance and of love over hatred; is the eternal law.

  2. 2

    Thanks Dr. Panda for the wisdom shared.
    I hope you liked the articulation.
    Hope Sara is enjoying her Dushehra.
    Have a nice victory over evils if any.

  3. 3

    Jingle said,

    is this for poetry potluck!
    come on in,
    fabulous words..

    eloquently put.

  4. 5

    buttercup600 said,

    Mastery of phrases perfect for the theme at Potluck…just such great word choices in this poem my friend. Have a great week ahead xx

  5. 9

    numbers are given to help them remember …. nicely done doctor. cheers!!!

  6. 11

    A.B. Thomas said,

    sound words, thanks for the nice read!

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