Romance is the real essence in life

Best is to be with, would be or wife

               Some of it is hormones, age and art

               Person should know, the end & start

Played by bodies, it starts in the brain

Real charm comes, free of any strain

              Room provides privacy, be it enough

              Comforts in room, provides the stuff

Bed, sheet, cushion, music and light

All have a role in making it a delight

           Real value lies in the feelings of heart

            Without which all can become a desert

Truth, faithfulness and concern, for other

Are the pillars of real romance, dear lover!

             Both should gain physically and in mind

             Both have to be a good sport of real kind

Room has to in perseverance and the play

Joy really felt by both and be not a play

              Romance in two people is strongest glue

             Gift also does help to arouse the love true

 Both the hearts really need to like each other

There should be a real zeal to enjoy it together

Written for Room for Romance week 3


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  1. 1

    The glory of life is:
    To love,not to be loved.
    To give and not to get.
    To serve and not to be served.

    • 2

      Very Right Sir.

      The poem was written for a prompt of ‘Room for Romance’ in the Jingle’s blog to keep the youth alive in us.

      It is good to be youthful.

      The couple is really one soul and two bodies.

      Everything berween the two belong to both.

      Have a nice day.

  2. 3

    Jingle said,

    romantic men you are.
    keep it coming!

  3. 5

    Welcome to Room for Romance.. This is a romantic poem.. I loved it totally..

    –Someone Is Special–

  4. 7

    anurag said,


    lovely poem.
    liked the words reflecting sprinkles of romance. 🙂

  5. 9

    Imagina said,

    Very romantic and loaded with wisdom, it’s beautiful 🙂

  6. 11

    Sumit Sarkar said,

    Beautiful and romantic…loved it…:)
    “Some of it is hormones, age or art” awesome….

  7. 12

    These three are important component of romance.
    The art of romance can be learned & pleasure of life can be increased.
    Thanks for visit.
    Have a nice romance.

  8. 13

    Ramesh Sood said,

    It made me smile and also laugh a bit.. Love and Romance.. two different words..oops..worlds… if they become one.. that’s sweetest miracle.. thanks for a very interesting poem..

  9. 15

    fiveloaf said,

    hoho doc, you are a true romantic!

  10. 16

    Thanks for the drop in.
    Romance is cosmopolitan.
    Have a nice day

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