Lust I Must

Lust ? Sin

Lust I must, was the end of a poetic art

Presentation like the target hitting dart

More it is unusual and more it thrilling

More it is likely to make a big killing

Marvelous piece of creation I must confess

Stirred my thoughts to make me wildly guess

Fiction is an attractive read for the bored mind

Usual routine really sucking charm of any kind

Mind is attracted to unusual, for seeking pleasure

It is also a popular way of passing time of leisure

What is unusual and artistic will be seen and read

Going towards extreme is, danger ultimate spread

Line between real and fiction is notoriously thin

There is a possibility of mind turning a dust bin

Writer and reader may be both eccentrically placed

Craving for unusual lead one to situations untraced

Lust I must, the artist is compelled to go on and on

After the reader has read, he can’t be allowed gone

Considering the variety of people and brains on earth

There has to be room in normalcy, this has no dearth

Nothing succeeds like success is one of quotes

Time is in plenty, decision is how one devotes

Am I afraid of fiction? It was another thought

I resigned, as no real answers could be thought

What is an art and what is abnormal, was I confused

Fundamentals of medicine searched, answer refused

The thoughts were stirred after reading a piece of fiction

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  1. 1

    Life…it tends to respond to our outlook,to shape itself to meet our expectations.

  2. 3

    Jingle said,

    that’s hot…

  3. 4

    Jingle said,

    you have got a point here.
    well done.

  4. 6

    Line between real and fiction is notoriously thin

    This is so true…especially r/t lust!
    It’s good to shake up that medical mind with poetry and fiction. And bring your knowledge to fiction. Both my novels reflect strongly my medical background.

    • 7

      Thanks Victoria,
      for expressing harmony in mixing medicine and fiction in your novels.
      Medicine and fiction make strange fellows, shape of baby is hence unique.
      Have a nice day.

  5. 8

    buttercup600 said,

    *Blush*…firstly…I am very honoured that you wrote this wonderful poem after reading mine. I also agree that there’s a very thin line between fiction and reality. This was not an easy topic for me to write about…I suppose I could have chosen any other one of the seven deadly sins but this one came to mind right away…and I always write from the heart! Guess somewhere in each of us there’s a dreamer and for me writing and putting it into words, creates enormous satisfaction as I see it as a form of art. I hope I did not stir your medical mind too much my dear friend. Thanks again, this gesture’s very special to me, you have made my day 🙂 ~ Mandy x

    • 9

      Since I ventured in to poetry and fiction only a few months back, this was going to happen.
      Fiction too is an like the art of Surgery.
      To feel any art one has be one with it.
      I am really enjoying fiction but it appears to demand a lot of time.
      Thanks for the read and being supportive to my brushes of medicine and fiction.
      Have a nice day.

  6. 12

    Scent of my heart said,

    Thanks for the visit of my blog! Lovely sinful words I see here! Nice!

  7. 14

    Olivia said,

    Dear Dr. Goyal,

    Very well done- very different indeed!!
    I am glad you decided to link in- Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece with us!!

    Lust is exactly how a writer treats.. Amanda is one of my fave authors!! Always encouraging and inspiring..

    Reading you was like reading a very good book- full of intellect and facts..
    Well done..

    Happy Potluck

  8. 16

    notjeffery said,

    This poem is awesome!
    Fiction stirs so much within ones soul,
    I enjoyed the questions that you ask throughout this piece.

    Peace to you,
    (my posts for potluck)

  9. 19

    2zpoint said,

    Imagination is the key to all that we ever want to be. I am proud to see you thinking this way may that kind of lust grow in you because it with give you the things that fairy tales are made of (some call these things hope and…happy endings). Peace be with you.

    • 20

      You have a point.

      Fairy tales are about FAIRY tales, expecting same in realty land many to psychiatric department of hospitals. Of course this is about patients and not normal persons.

      Doctors’ mind is peculiarly conditioned to see abnormal in to which is not normal.

      Looking for fairy tails in real life is one of the symptoms of disease.

      I should not in any way be perceived to call art and literature to be abnormal, but when we listen to abnormal day & night, we are tuned to subconsciously screening abnormality.

      Sometimes fantasy too looks similar.

      This tuning to differentiate between disease and normal variation of fantasy & imagination will soon be achieved.

      Thanks for the read and logical comments. I appreciate your point of view.

      Have a nice day.

      • 21

        2zpoint said,

        In an attempt to explain the necessity of fairy tales I will try to explain in a linear approach.
        Would you agree that to relieve tension one must stimulate a pressure point in such a way as to cause the body to relax certain muscles as a reaction to the pressure point stimulation?
        The same can be said of the mind…when a person is thinking about things too much the mind wears down. fairy tales are a way to stimulate the other functions of the brain in such a way that is causes the stress to relieve from that part of the brain that has been active. Look at the images of an Brain while thinking of different things different parts of the brain activate.
        I may not be a doctor and I do not claim to know it all but I do write to relax my mind because I am working on differential equations and I know this to help me. When I read amazing tales it refreshes me and gives me a better attitude to reproach my problem and often after a half hour of doing these activities I can finish my problems easily. Peace be with you Doc

    • 22

      You are absolutely right, medically and practically.
      That is best way to use fairy tails.
      I am here with you because of the same reason.
      Well done dear friend.
      You still have not solved the mystry of genesis of 2zpoint, is it some engineering term.
      The question was asked in my poem blog.
      Have a nice day.

  10. 23

    2zpoint said,

    2zpoint comes from a little skunk on Looney Tunes ( group of cartoons I watched when I was a kid) His name was Pepi Le Pew. He always talked with a french accent and once he said “Let uz get 2 z point shall we? When he was trying to woo a female cat that was inadvertently and accidentally striped like a skunk.
    The cartoon has always stuck with me and I have always believed in getting strait to the point in everything I do. Have a great day my friend.

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