Art of reading the artists

Is a real difficult tactics

Imaginative minds infinite

Can fly anywhere like kite

To get to the writer’s sense

Need a lot of time, patience

Why should one study much?

Difficult to make a real touch

Reciprocation is courteous need

Making friends lot, is not greed

2zpoint is puzzle, still unsolved

Sillyfrogsusan, though resolved

Bet365italia is a friend, good name

Brain required reading artistic claim

Live to write today and oil of Olivia

Were pieces of attraction, cutest diva

Notjeffry is another a bit of confusion

Not making sense to mind of medicine

Jingles of Ji were sounding like the bell

Scent of one heart, was too great, to tell

Butter in cup makes me water in the mouth

The photographs & videos naughty no doubt

What I write is mine, what you read is yours

Definitely it makes a quote, rightly of course

Some of words used are bloggers titles

2zpoint,  Sillyfrogsusan,  bet365italia,  live2write2day,  olivia, notjeffery,  jingle, scent of my heart,  buttercup, How I write is mine.. How you read is yours. are the title words of a few blogs.

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  1. 1

    Blogs are no doubt creative writing.Creativity is inventing,experimenting,growing, taking risks,breaking rules,making mistakes and having fun.

  2. 3

    buttercup600 said,

    🙂 🙂 very creative my friend xx

    • 4

      Happy to see the double smiles.

      I am not yet conversant with chating codewords. (xx, and presumably smiling faces)

      I am happy that you visited the blog and presume that you must be conveying something naughty.

      I hope that you didn’t mind my bifurcation of a beautiful flower into a butter filled cup.

      This trait of naughtyness is partly a gift from your blog.

      Have a nice day.

  3. 7

    […] says: October 21, 2010 at 11:51 am The dictations are too complicated. I visit sites for fun. I have postied the link of new poem in which you and some other bloggers find a mention. If any […]

  4. 8

    Interesting read, wonderfully written, love it!=D Happy Rally^^

  5. 10

    Creative rhyme.. I love your blog and the thoughts..

    Someone Is Special

    Happy Rally

    –Someone Is Special–

  6. 12

    Jingle said,

    wow, so cool image,
    beautiful poetry.

  7. 14

    Jingle said,

    visiting blogs for fun, cool,

    visit as many as possible from my list, I am sure they love paying a visit here.

  8. 16

    umasanthy said,

    Nice to see many poeters name in your poem.Beautiful blog

  9. 18

    Scent of my heart said,

    Glad to see my name mentioned! Very creative! 🙂 Thank you!

  10. 20

    megzone said,

    wow thats a creative attempt there 🙂

  11. 22

    just another girl said,

    fun poem to read. like how you put things.. and the use of user ids is great 🙂

  12. 25

    Uncle Tree said,

    Do no harm, right?
    Science was a wonderful career choice for you, good sir. 🙂
    As for me…I don’t fly write for some reason.
    Have fun with your new blog, dude. It can be a blast,
    or it could just be what you make of it.
    Your choice, Teach.

    Nice to meet you! Peace, UT

    • 26

      Happy to have your comments on the blog.

      I am a practicing surgeon, blogging as a hobby, for fun, doing rhymes with my thoughts and donot have any other specific purpose attributed to my writings.
      I thought I will help people by simplyfying medical knowledge for the reders, but that is time demanding.

      Let me see if I can take advantage of your suggestions.

      I posted comments on yousite as a piece in my blog under title Matter.

      Thanks for the visit,

      Have a nice day.

  13. 27

    Darlene said,

    “What I write is mine, what you read is yours

    Definitely it makes a quote, rightly of course ”

    Though I think the words in this poem are spoken with a hint of “fun” about them…the above two lines made me smile, because they are so TRUE.

    • 28

      How I write, is mine.. How you read, is yours.

      This is the title of a blog by Kavita, a nice writer.

      This appeared appropriate about most of poetic writings/ literature.

      Meanings of communication may get changed from person to person and depending upon the outlook of writer and reader.

      This is what I was trying to convey, besides including a blog’s title.

    • 29

      Thanks for the visit and comments.
      Have a nice day.

  14. 30

    anurag said,


    wonderful poem…lovely pic 😉

    the poem was a little long(as compared to mine), but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  15. 32

    Jingle said,

    I linked in your poem, thus hope that you cooperate by visiting 18 poets from my list…
    Happy Rally.
    thanks for the support.

  16. 33

    B said,

    Love it doc!

    I hope I can be part of your Blog Friends too!


    Here’s my share for this week’s Rally:


  17. 35

    Panda Wolf said,

    Was the shape of your poem intentional? It’s a little hard to pull off, but you did pretty well.

    If you’re interested here’s my entry: Panda Wolf – Hey Rain, how are you feeling?

    • 36

      Shape of poem was not the consideration.
      It was confusion and encounters with wavelengths of various bloggers that clicked in this piece.
      Being a surgeon and in habit of writing on bodies with scalpel, there was no room for fantasy and such imaginations in life.
      Thanks for the visit

  18. 37

    2zpoint said,

    LOL! Some might say I’m a puzzle but the simple fact is that any math problem reduces down to one’s and zero’s Doc!
    Most of what I write is simply lesson’s and humor and thoughts for my children and their children when they get older…Just in case I am not able to give it to them personally and if the lesson’s or humor helps others along the way it makes for a better day!

  19. 38

    missbrittab said,

    I’m super confused. But I like it.. probably because what I read is mine!

    Here’s my post for week 31

    • 39

      Thanks friend for pointing the flaw.
      The error has been rectified and the unusual words are titles of blogs which have now been added at bottom.
      Thanks for the visit.
      Have a nice day.

  20. 40

    ashbeezone said,

    Nice Thought Sirjee .. TUSSI GR8 Ho 😉
    a nice poetry .. cool 😉
    Visit my poetry .. THE GRIEF …
    for week 31 RALLY

    !! HAPPY RALLY !!

    • 41

      I can recall your unique photograph, hence appear to have visited your blog.
      Thanks that you liked it and commenting in Hinglish too is Gr8.
      I shall visit you at leissure.
      Have a nice day.

  21. 42

    This was a fun one. Nice the way you incorporate bloggers names and titles.

    • 43

      I blog for fun and aim is to add medical mind’s experience in comments wherever required by the readers.
      This is an attempt to look beyond medicine and enjoy the pleassure of permissible fantasy, creativity.
      Happy that you enjoyed it. Have a nice day.

  22. 44

    jgrow2 said,

    “What I write is mine, what you read is yours.” Oh how true good sir!

    The sparkly young lady is a wonderful touch.

  23. 46

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  24. 48

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    thanks !! very helpful post!
    amazing stuff thanx

  25. 50

    Inez Salcido said,

    Enjoyed your creativity and playfulness.

  26. 52

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  27. 53

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  28. 54

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  29. 56

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    Keep working ,great job!

  30. 58

    albert said,


    excelent post, keep it coming…

  31. 59

    bmx fahrrad said,

    That’s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that
    come true.

  32. 60

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  33. 61

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