Mother’s Love


Love in mother, for her child, so beautiful

Incomparably great, in her, it is bountiful

             The bond presents the greatness of a mother

              Something beyond the feel & reach of a father

Great are the souls which are born as females

Happy, that this job not  assigned for males

             Males would have meshed up the fine feelings 

             Infant and mother are God’s perfect dealings

Sunrise could be personal, was never thought

The description is perfect in mother’s thought  

             Innocence of infant so secure with mother

            Overjoyed by creation of God & love in her 

Medically speaking a function of hormones

Some of the role played by feminine organs  

             Initially there were no differentiation

             Both were alike in primitive sensation

Humans have evolved after a long evolution

Enjoy it thoroughly, God’s fantastic solution.

The thoughts were provoked while reading   

 ‘ My Personal Sunrise’


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  1. 1

    Words of love for mother who love us the most certainly make life wonderful.

  2. 3

    Wow! I am uplifted to know that my piece inspired you to write this. Motherhood is a wonderful thing and to express it reinforces the bond. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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