What is our duty in life, I wondered

Could not decide, a lot I pondered

             Babies are born in situations widely apart

             Many become adults, though miles depart

Simplest acts, but are easy to perform

Duty is a routine, done daily, no harm

              Rare difficult acts done,  too are facts

              Life is made of little smiles, kind acts

Some are fighters, duty bound, to injure others

Doctors taught, treat people, whatever colors

            Butchers kill animal to be served in diet

           Non vegetarian diet, served with delight

Greatest the difficulty, greatest is duty

Acts done with a sense are life’s beauty

          Great sacrifices are rare but require courage

          Sometimes are the only ways, no discourage

The act should help people on this earth fully

Duty is what we have learnt, done harmlessly

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  1. 1

    Striving for excellence in performing duty,you will end up with a much better result than you would if you were striving for perfection.

  2. 3

    tracyhsays said,

    Well done…the dichotomy of life’s callings and duties is a tough subject; you have approached it very well.

  3. 5

    Jingle said,

    u r so very creative.
    lovely done.


  4. 7

    Jamie Dedes said,

    The tug between spirit’s call and earthly duty and trying to find balance. Nicely wrought poem. Well considered. Thank you!

  5. 9

    Glory said,

    very beautifully done

  6. 11

    Frank said,

    Hey, great work. I surely like this work. A pleasant feeling to find domains worth the energy. I will put this rss feed into our feeder.Thanks and keep up the nice posts.

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